Hillary blames Assenge and Wikileaks



Assange and Wikileaks are America hero’s for telling we the people the truth about the real Russian spy who works for and with Russia to destroy our country, Hillary Clinton is that spy. Who helped and sold our Uranium mines to Russia. Hillary Clinton. She did not own the Uranium mines. But her and her conspirator Russian Agent Obama and the CIA took millions of dollars from Putin and Hillary Clinton and Obama cut up the money. Obama and has the best money launderer in the world Tim Geithner laundered Obama’s end and the Clinton Crime (Traitors) Family put her tax free money into their Foundation. If it were not for Wikileaks exposing Hillary Clinton for the Scum Traitor that she and her husband and daughter are she might have been elected President and then she would have destroyed the United States of America along with Obama and the Demo-rats and Traitor Republican lead by O’Connell and Ryan and we would be a 4th world Country.

The Clinton’ s and Obama have always hated the USA and like Obama sold sold us out to all our enemies. Bill Clinton sold two Atomic Plants to Communist North Korea for 5 billion dollars. Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton never do anything with out getting back money. Bill Clinton’s deal to North Korea more then likely got back 60% of the 5 billion in “Kick Backs” and also gave North Korea the Scientists and to help build these plants and the technology to build Nuclear weapons.

Also Session and a few others say Assange is dangerous  they want to indite him, For what? Because Sessions is trying to protect his friend Hillary Clinton and her crime family no other reason. You must realize how much money Obama and the Clinton Crime family cut up with all these Rat Traitors who call themselves Senators and Congressmen. Follow the money always and see the truth.

Also remember that Hillary Clinton destroyed a 12 year innocent girls and got her Rapist off free and clear. Hillary Clinton admired that her Cline was the Rapist but didn’t care, then laughed and bragged about how she destroyed this little girl in court.

And she points the finger at everyone else but she is the Traitor who cooperates with Russia and all our enemies, not Assange or Wikileaks who tell us the truth other wise we would never hear it from the Fake News Medias and the Government Propaganda Machine. Remember Senators and Congressmen and the Clinton Crime family are our enemies, no one else. Our Government!