Austin Texas Bomings

Austin Texas is proof that the local Police, all the Government Police FBI Homeland (Hail Hitler) Security, which is a money drain on our economy is a joke, the CIA, the BRQ, HDY. what ever government Police agency \can not protect you, me or any one else. with all they supposed electronic serviceable equipment they still can’t find anyone how wants to make Bombs or shoot you. It is a joke that the Big Government Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans want us to think that we are safe and they have our backs covered. Bull Crap. They can’t come in until after the damage is done and you are dead,never before the murder or damage to we the people been this bad since Obama and the Negros took over the Government.

Every body get your self a gun and don’t believe the Dem-rat propaganda that we are safe in this country and you don’t need a gun to protect yourself and your family. We are not safe because the Federal Government wants these bombings and murders to happen. The want chaos they want civil unrest, they want Racism they go out of their way to protect all the criminals that we have in this country.. Now we the people. Like Obama said a couple years ago abut the Muslims Terrorist in this country . “You can Kill us all you want, but we will,catch you. The Government hasn’t caught anyone. But Obama nor our Senators and Congressmen did anything to stop them. They made laws to protect the Muslims and criminals they passed the law that they cannot not be poro. We can’t profiled, the Negros, the Illegal Mexican Alien criminals or any one else that is not White can be profiled by the Police. The only ones that the government can track are the honest White people who don’t commit crimes but are the victims of the bombers terrorists and the Illegal Mexican Aliens in statuary cities and states just like the other sleeping enemy¬† that the Federal Government under Obama¬† brought into this Country the Muslims who are just waiting to cause trouble and chaos and kill us.

When and if the Feds or the police catch this terrorist bomber nothing will happen to him, because he is protected by the Nazi Demo-rat and Traitor Republican Traitors that passed laws to protect these killers. Notice No Muslims killer that is in our jails for murder have been put to death yet..

So the only one who can save you is you!!! and never forget it. And never give up your gun. to the Federal Government or the Sate die first!

See what the Fake News media and the Demo-rat Party is doing with Cruz the murderer, they are making it look like he didn’t kill anyone. The gun was the killer. The police caused all the killing in Florida. not Cruz.

Remember our own Government is our enemy and the friends of all the Illegal Mexican Aliens and all the criminals in this country they are not for we the people,especially if you are White. Don’t believe me ask Nancy D’alasandro Pelosi or any of our Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans. The are for the criminals and anyone who is not White. Ask Joe Biden, who is so happy that the White people are no longer the majority in the USA.

I am never wrong.