Syrian Rebels

The Syrian Rebels that B.O. and the Traitors from the State Department, first run Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, that we are supplying weapons too is the Muslim Brotherhood, who our President and all our Senators and Congressmen are in bed with, are supplying our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood and ElQuida , with money and guns and technology, tanks and planes, and we train them. They also are killing American Troops with these same weapons, who are fighting for the UN’S no win wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, not for America. Get that straight…not to free the USA from these Countries who never attacked us, but to die for nothing for the UN.

There is another reason why B.O. and Clinton had Stevens killed.  Stevens was not in an embassy when he was killed, but he was in a safe house run by the CIA, and B.O. had him killed. Remember that the head of the CIA, John O. Brennan is the guy B.O. saw every Tuesday and figured out who he could kill, like the Sandy Hook children so B.O. could take away our guns, Brennan is now head of the CIA he is also a converted Christian to Muslim. They have no Loyalty to the United States of American, the Muslims have sworn to bring us down.  Now for sure the Muslim Brotherhood and ElQuida will get money, guns and training from us. Syria is not fighting a civil war they are  fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and ElQuida that we support. Once Syria falls the Samantha Power, the wife of another traitor Cass Sunstien, B.O. will put Power’s plan into action and Kerry in charge and attack Israel. Egypt now has our tanks the best in the world and our planes the best in the world, Egypt and all of the Middle-East is in control of the Muslim Brotherhood and Elquida. Also remember that Clinton’s chief of staff is on the highest run of the Muslim brotherhood. And no one can stop B.O. from destroying us and Israel. Don’t register your guns buy all the ammo you can be ready when the police come for you, all your neighbors should rush to defend each other against these Traitors that will come to kill you and your family. They are called the Progressive Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans. Soon there will be only one party in the USA,  the Progressives Party. Get ready to fight for your life and our freedom.