Wounded Warriors

While watching Fox News this morning, 05/07/13, there was an advertisement for “Wounded Warriors” asking for money to help these men and women. I agree that we should help our troops and veterans because our President and his Communist Regime will not and they are supposed to help these troops, B.O. hates the military more then the Clinton’s ever did and will not help them, and he said it they are volunteers and should pay for their own medical. The line that gauled me was that these wounded Warriors fought for the United States of America. That is a lie, our Armed Forces are used as cheap mercenaries by our Presidents who I am sure receive tons of money from the UN through their libraries. Our soldiers fight for the UN. No country that we have fought in from Korea on has ever declared War on the United States of America. Our fights are UN “No Win Wars'” read the book called None Dare call it Treason, but it is Treason committed by our Presidents and our Congress and our Senate. We do not fight for the United States we fight for the UN. We send hundreds of thousands of our children to get killed and mangled for nothing, while other Countries¬† send in 150 troops to 2500 troops we kill off more. 90% of all the Armed Forces that have bee killed and wounded from WWI to now are White, look it up I did. Our Government intentionally has killed off the White male population so they can use the Blacks and Latinos and Muslims, because they know that they can enslave them and they will do their bidding and those that are in power now they and their families will be in power over all of us for ever. The Muslims will be the controlling force keeping everyone in slavery. Our Presidents their Regimes and the Congressmen and Senators who are the billionaires, Feinstein, Boxer, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, on and on and on will rule this Country. B.O. is a billionaire¬† ten times over since he became President, and Geithner is the best money launderer in the World, has hid B.O.’s money in China because Geithner is an agent for China, in their pay. That is why B.O. picked him. All these wars and also planed to help destroy the United State of America. Our Soldiers do not fight for the United States of America they fight for the UN. The UN wants to take over the seas, they have no Navy they will use our Navy to destroy the Sovereignty of the USA. By doing that, also in the plan to destroy us, and with the help of B.O. and the State Department and all the Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans, Led by John McCain it will happen. When the American people who are on the Government take wake up one day when their is a group of men and women in Blue helmets ready to take them away to the legal gas chambers because they are useless to society, they are going to say what happened? They are what happened. So now they will have to die.

We the people have to organize in our own little neighborhoods and be ready to fight for our freedom and even die for our freedom. Each neighbor ready to protect one another from our Government. Pray that God will be on our side.

We are not Warriors we are not a War like Country. Our troops are Soldiers who have compassion for a fallen foe, we are not the Japanese who had a Warrior   society, we are not war Lords of Africa. Our Armed Forces are not Mercenaries who fight for big money. But our Government uses them as such and will not back them up. Bring our children home now!