Obama and Clinton had them murdered

Proof positive that B.O. and Hillery Clinton had Stevens murdered along with the Seals¬† and the guy who worked with Stevens. B.O. is throwing everybody under the bus trying to get Benghazi out of the people’s mind. Orders come down from the top, President to the chain of command from the top to the bottom . That’s how orders come down, from the President to the General to the troops down below them. B.O. and Clinton had these United States Citizens murdered. B.O. also gave up Seal Team six to be killed for his order to kill Osama bin Laden, and Biden no brains gave them up to the news media who put that into the World News.¬† bin Laden was a Prince of Saudi Arabia and they made sure that that helicopter with Seal Team Six went down and all were killed. B.O. and the State Department working for and with the enemy to kill our troops. Also remember B.O. kissed Abdula’s hand. B.O. and Clinton should be tried for Treason and sent to prison, or better yet hung. We have a Government that is against we the people, against our troops, you can tell that because B.O. is always cutting the Military budget, and are destroying us, that includes all the Senators and Congressmen, working against our Country. Democracies don’t work because the Politicians kill the Country they are supposed to serve, we are a Republic!!! Stand up for the United States of America don’t give up your gun, buy more guns and ammo,we’re going to need them.