Mechelle Obama going on extended vacation!

Hey why not, we’re paying for it, a million a day. People are loosing their homes, a tornado wiped out a whole city, Illegals getting millions of dollars a month from our tax money and claiming 200 people they support in Mexico and the IRS  gives them $22,000.00, food going sky high, people paying more for gas.

Mechelle like the Queen of France, said to the people, “let them eat shit, no I meant cake. Then they chopped off her head. The Queen of the USA, and her little Princess’s and all her family and friends. Isn’t wonderful to have not only; Big Government but a King and Queen, rule the rest of we dummies. Where are our protectors who beg for money, send me money and I will save you, they throw us under the bus and pocket the money, there motto is F— the People,  Our Great Senators and Congressmen and women. What a wonderful bunch of two faced thieves that we support.  We are the dummies for letting them do that to us. We the people better rise up as one and march on Washington DC and  drag all the rats out and never let them back in, we hired them and we can fire them. One problem is we all have to be armed with 30 round clips of ammo and have our semi automatics ready to use against our Presidents Regime who plan to kill us anyway. His chosen people are the Muslims first, the new Mexican slaves next, and the Blacks who are on their way out to the Ovens with all the American Jews. It is only we the White people on our own that will stop this Tyranny against us.