Proof Big Progressive Government can’t Save You

The proof that being unarmed and that Big Progressive (Communist ) Government can’t save you,  and won’t save you, the Police can’t save you, no one can save you but you!

England a couple days ago two or three Black Muslim Terrorist chopped up a solider on the streets of London. A crowd of people watched and did or couldn’t do anything to stop this savage murder of a young man being chopped to death with a meat clever and then they chopped his head and split his chest open and pulled out his heart, according to most of the news reports. The Britts have no right to defend their own lives let alone some else because they let a small Majority of Politicians take away their right to own a gun and protect them selves from people who want to murder them to rob them kidnap and rape them. Because they have embraced no guns for them selves and also they have embraced Sharia Law into their Country. Two sets of laws, English law and  Sharia Law. Sharia Law states it is OK for any Muslim to take the life of any Infidel, Christian, Jew or Atheist.  The Arch Bishop of England was the guy who recommended England adopt Sharia Law to go along with theirs. So now any Muslims can kill anyone he likes, Christian, Jew, his daughters, his wives, marry  young girls that are only nine years old that their parents have sold to other families at their birth, I forgot they also circumcise little girls when they come to a certain age, they cut off the clitoris with out any anesthesia, isn’t that nice of these peace full people.

The Police arrived at the murder scene 45 minutes later and that’s a little late don’t you think. Then the Head of Scotland Yard, apologized to the Muslims for the killing the solider. England, Great Country. They are the most stupid  people in the world to let their Big Government take away their right to defend themselves against anyone who attacks them.

In the United States of America we have five hundred   men and women, all Democrats and Rhino Republicans, who’s leader is Progressive Traitor John McCain to guide them. They want to take away our right to own a gun of any kind we can afford to defend our self against anyone trying to rob us, kill us, and on and on. The only reason B.O. and Holder have kept the Muslims and Gang Bangers and the Federal Police, FEMA, IRS, FBI etc,in check from killing us, is, we can and still own a gun or a rifle to protect ourselves against the Governments chosen people, the Muslims, The Blacks and the Mexicans, and then come the Gang Bangers, and the Bureaucracies  who have bought up billions of rounds of ammunition to kill we the people.

We must at all costs stop this Tyrannical Government lead by B.O. take away our GOD GIVEN RIGHT to own a gun and or a rifle to protect our selves and our friends and families against our enemies who are controlled by the Federal Government, again by that super no-conscience killer of freedom and mankind  Barrack Hessian Obama!

People get your heads out of the sand, B.O.’s Regime will not help you or anyone else after he destroys the USA and takes away our right to own a gun. Those people that have been on the Government Dole will be the first to die by B.O. Laws.      We must protect our selves against our own Federal Government who is accumulating to much power over we the people. That is Big Government. Be ready top defend our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our God given right to live as free men and women, and make a good life for ourselves and our children.