Netflex, AT&T and you

Since January of 2017 my AT&T bill has been going up. That is also how I am and millions more people are connected to the Internet. My last bill form AT&T was 192.83. I called up At&T and was told that I am am using up G-bttes, watching Netflex, because it is controlled with my Internet. Hey how about that. What happened and when did this all happen.

This is what happened, we got F—ed, by naturally who else by our Congressmen, isn’t that great they are always working to F—  the White working middle class following Obama agenda to break the White middle Class and make sure like Nancy, Gorbachev useful stupid Communist agent Idiot, along with a new useful idiot that crying drunk John Boehner, who called President Trump a disaster, got together AT&T, and Direct V Com Cost and holding banks and passed the law top help them make millions on us for our life time.

Boehner got millions of dollars in tax free contributions to pass a law where we the people will now be charge extra money for what ever we have as entertainment in our homes, Neflex, HUla and the Internet. if you go over 150 G-bilte for every bite over that you will be charged an extra 10 dollars to your phone bill. Hey isn’t that great how our congressmen F—us  with a smile on there face. Now Boehner passed the Speaker of the House over to usurper President, Paul the asshole Ryan, who works for the Government nad not the people and  again  with the Cooperation with the Progressive Demo-rats run by Nancy Pelosi the  Communism Tax queen of the world we should look forward to getting a screwing by the Congress, while they pocket tax free bribes and get more rich we the working people pay the price and get more poor. They have to punish us for trying to have some thing nice to watch or enjoy anything. Also look out because the banks are  chargeing you a book keeper fee while you have your money in their banks which you get no interest for your money that they use to get extremely rich.

Didn’t John the crying drunk Boehner really work for him self and Obama to screw us. They all work for the Government not us. Now it’s Paul, the asshole, Ryan’s turn to screw us and work against President Trump. These professional Senators and Congressmen are our true enemies and they should have term limits so they don’t  make millions of dollars in tax free and all that power to destroy our way of life and our Country but not theirs. Write your Senators and Congressmen and demand they get term limits, your tired of  them  destroying our country and stealing our hard earned money.

Don’t believe it, before Boehner had that law passed for AT&T there were no extra charges for the internet or Netflex. But remember Boehner got millions of dollars in his tax free “War Chest”. But he had to cut up some the money with the rest of the Traitors in congress to vote that bill in to screw us. Boehner is the real disaster not President Trump. Boehner is now a 5 million dollar a year Lobbyist for AT&T and the Holding banks that twas his reward for F—–g we the people. Aren’t you happy the way our Government screws us with no grease. But help every Illegal Alien and Muslim and people from India and the third world giving them millions of dollars to open up a business and they don’t have to pay it back and if they are loosing money our Government will supplement them more money .But won’t give our money back to us.