looking at the true Comey

From Hungry Joe:

WOW…..It is really quite amazing…First, the democratic party applauded Comey for the way he handled the Hillary e mails….that’s because it suited them…….then they wanted Comey’s head, job, and family dead with the way he handled the ” Weiner laptop” incident. Crying for his job because he cost Hillary the election……They called him everything from incompetent to impotent. Furiously and feverishly they demanded that he be removed as director…….Now that Trump fired him he has suddenly, in the eyes of the democratic party, miraculously become a pillar of what an FBI director should be. ………Can it possibly be any more obvious how fickle and agenda driven the democratic party is?

Lets look at the true Comey……He completely bungled the whole investigation into Hillary’s e-mails. He couldn’t have screwed that up any more if he was deaf, dumb and blind. He allowed her to escape prosecution for the destruction of evidence and purgery¬† ¬† He continued his stumbling and bumbling, when he prematurely released the damaging letter about Weiners laptop content. He had no evidence to support his letter. Yes I am a Trump supporter, but that was a mistake again on his part. Strike one, strike 2. Then we have the Russian scandal and Trump. He has and had no evidence what so ever linking Trump to the Russians but continued to leave controversy linger. That would be strike 3. This is the exact same thing he did with the previous two political investigations he directed.

Comey couldn’t justify not going after Hillary on, if nothing else, obstruction of justice. Comey could not justify releasing that damaging letter about Weiners laptop with lack of evidence. Comey could not justify not putting this Russian thing to sleep.

He had no backbone when he was the FBI director. He had poor judgement and didn’t take responsibility for one thing…..Is this what a leader of the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet should encompass?

Now he is looking for revenge on the man who took the obviously correct step and got rid of a man that had no business holding a position of that magnitude……It is funny how none of these allegations and comments came up until he got fired. If his statements are accurate then he has been aware of it for a while……shouldn’t he have said something earlier? That’s the same thing the democrats said about Trump when it came to Flynn…..

The fact is that our political system and politicians have been dumped on their ears since Trump got into office…..They are all running scared. It is no longer business as usual in Washington and the powers that be will never give that up without a fight……we need to stay strong as Americans and look at what is best for America…..I’m not sure of what that is, but I know it isn’t, BUSINESS AS USUAL, in Washington.