President Trump the Best we ever had!!!

The stupid Fake News media and including baby Comey crying to his Demo-rat friends and Rhino Republicans like Collins and Rubio and McCain,that he shouldn’t have fired. That President Trump should be impeached for supposedly telling Comey that Mike was a good guy. The Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans and  the Fake News Media want want President Trump impeached for Obstruction of Justice, don’t know what they are talking about.According to Alen Dershowitz a super Liberal and a real teacher of Constitutional Law, not like the Magic Negro, Obama, that the Fake News Media said was a Professor of Constitutional law but in reality was only a guest lecturer who taught Sal Elinsky how to cheat and steal votes.

Well Dershowitz said the truth according to the Constitution of the United States of America, becasue Trump is the President of the United States of  America and Comey’s Boss, if Trump told this piece of garbage who has no credibility becasue he is a Leaker and and Liar. If Trump told him to drop the case against Flinn, Comey would have to do it and there is no Obstruction of Justice. By the Constitution President Trump can do that!  I will say that 100% of all the Lawyers and DOJS that are lawyers don’t know “Jack Shit about the Constitution and what the President can do and not do. If anybody should be indited for Obstruction of Justice is Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch becasue Clinton told Lynch to get to Comey and protect Hillary Clinton which Comey did that is Obstruction of Justice but becasue the are Demo-rats they are above the Law and nothing will happen to any of them wait and see I am right! And the Fake News Media come off of what they truly are, Biased and stupid trying to hurt our President, President Trump. and I want President Trump to keep on Tweeting and saying what he wants to say and not listen to people telling what he should  say and how to say it.

One of the reason we all voted for Trump becasue he spoke his mind and didn’t pull punches. He is an honest Top Flight guy who wants to serve we the people and save our Country from all the Traitors who are making laws and causing the Invasion of people who don’t belong here.  Multiculturalism doesn’t work, there is only one culture in the USA and that is American, not European,not Mexican, not Muslims not African, Americanism. Not two languages, not laws for different people and not Sharia Law, that law gives the Muslims the right to murder anyone they like and get away with it. Watch what happens in England the Home of Multiculturalism, becasue they adopted Sharia Law as a second Law just for the Muslims, the Muslims can only be tried in a Muslim Court by a Muslim Judge who follows Sharia Law to the letter and the Koran to the letter. They killed Infidels what Islam wants all Muslims to do so they can rule the World and destroy every country they are in because of stupid super Liberalism.

The Fake News Media and all our Senators and Congressmen that are owned by George Soros, they are our true enemies and the enemies  of all mankind.  Through our History all Nations and people were and have destroyed by the people they elected to run their Government and save their Country. Our past Presidents of the 20th Century have always worked with and for our enemies through out the World because they had their hands out like dogs begging for money and willing to commit Treason becasue they make up the laws.

Keep our guns handy you never know when our civil war will start. Be armed and be ready to fight for our freedom against our enemy 500 people whop want to destroy our Country.