Demo-rats and Republican Rhino’s on the Attack

Senator Burr, Rhino and an Obama Lacky, Collins Rhino Obama lacky, Brunt a Rhino and an Obama Lacky, McCain A Progressive Rhino and Obama Lap Dog. Except for Senator Cotton you might as well say the Sessions trial were all Progressive Demo-rat Traitors and Obama’s Lap Dogs. I all most forgot Rubio of the Gang of Communist Eight the would be President to bring in the Latino vote. That only worked once with Johnson who said the Demo-rats and this is a Quote,” We’ll have the Nigger vote for the next two hundred years!”

Well Rubio and all the people who want to the Latino Vote, if those people are smart they will vote for the men and women who will keep this country free. Not these Rats. Or Rubio who is another Obama, in every way.

In 8 years that Obama was destroying our Country with the help of these Senators, except for the only real Republican Senator, Senator Cotton. Obama never went before any comity to answer for his discretion when he was dealing with Russia and Promising Puten that after his election he would have more latitude to help RUSSIA. No Senator or Congressional hearings were brought up when Obama and Holder were running guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels. Their were no committees holding Obama responsible for the United States of America backing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt, how much of our money did Obama give Huma Abadin  for her parents who run the Muslim Brotherhood, and much in “Kick Backs did Obama get and where did he hide that money. Where is our Traitor Senators and Congressmen FBI and Homeland security when Obama caused the invasion of every criminal that was let out of all the jails in Mexico and bring them here to the United States of America all Illegal Aliens, and millions of Terrorist Muslims into this Country. Why didn’t they investigate all the billions of dollars Obama gave to Iran and the secrets how to make the “BOMB” to destroy the Middle East and maybe even the World.


Obama had “Cart Blanch” from these Traitors Senators and Congressmen to commit Treason Murder, Wars or any crime he wanted, you name it Obama did it  becasue  Obama hates the United states. They all want to destroy our Country. And Obama cut up millions of dollars with them and made them all super rich. That’s why they want President Trump out and another preferably a Demo-rat Traitor like Hillary Clinton to run our Country. Obama borrowed over ten trillion dollars from China and where is that money? Cut up with every Senator and Congressmen that are now serving and want to destroy President Trump becasue they can’t steal money and commit Treason for money anymore. That’s why the phony trial of Sessions today. A Witch Hunt as President Trump accuses them of doing.