Pocahontas and her daughter involved in aiding voter fraud

This is a short paragraph form Judicial Watch, a super great organization protecting our Constitution and our Country about who is behind voter fraud, besides George Soros helping Obama and the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans. These groups include. The Advancement Project (“the next generation, multi-racila civil rights organizations”). Bend the Arc Jewish Action (condemns voter ID laws as barriers that make it harder for minorities to vote) Demos (whose board chair is the daughter of radical U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren), Project Vote(the voter mobilization arm of the ACORN organization, which also received Soros support and money from them Government in grants)and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice involved in several challenges to voter ID and redistricting legal challenges in the south) Soros is also a longtime financial supporter of the ACLU, a frequent courtroom opponent of Judaical Watch on a whole range of issues!

Of course the questions arise…

Why did the Obama Justice Department fight so hard against commonsense measures to protect honest elections?

Why is George Soros pouring massive amounts of money(my Comment, our tax dollars tha we give Soros in grants to help him destroy our Country. Helping the enemy as usual)into groups dedicated to blocking voter ID laws?

Why did mainstream media deride President Trump’s assertions earlier this year that millions of ineligible voters cast votes for Hillary Clinton last November, and then viciously attack his call for a government investigation of voter fraud?