We must stop giving our money to Political Parties!!!

To save our Country and our selves we must stop giving our hard earned money to the Demo-rat Party and the Republican Party and every senator and Congressmen that is destroying our Country right now! Our past Presidents and all our Senators and Congressmen are working against President Trump to stop him from doing what we the people voted  for him to do. All these Government Politicians are are Liars and Thieves and they know that we are their, useful Assholes, that give them money, and power and they are taking away our Freedom our Country and our Constitution.

They constantly pass laws that hurt us and costs we the people millions of dollars and they want to make sure we don’t have enough money to live on. They laugh at us because we are fools to support them. They have stolen so much money, by selling us out to everyone and making our enemies super rich while our Senators and Congressmen are make sure that we stay poor.   They can live like the Kings, and Dukes of old and have slaves to do their work. Remember that old saying,” keep her bare foot and Pregnant.”  The Senators and Congressmen want us to live in complete Chaos and high taxes to keep us poor, “barefoot and pregnant

Who do these Traitors help besides themselves for votes to keep them in power to kill the USA. The Blacks, Illegal Mexicans and the rest of the Criminals from South of our borders, and the very best, the Muslims. They give over $2,000.00 dollars a month to people, legal or Illegal that are over 65, our Social Security money that never worked a day in their lives in the United State, thanks to Jimmy Carter and all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republican. Who do they hurt, you and me. Don’t believe me look it up. But as a person that worked all your life like a dog and your White,the Government goes out of their way to try and not give you any Social Security money you worked for. Who does the Government constantly punish us? The White male and the whole White race becasue we are a threat to them and their power to destroy our Country and make themselves  rich. They only want Blacks Hispanics and Muslims they are more easy to control, fill them with all the dope they need and you have your voters and slaves. keep giving them free money.

Why do you think that the Traitor Republicans don’t want to work with President Trump,. why do you think the Traitor Republicans don’t want to repeal Obama Care, why do you think they Cooperated with Obama in the destruction of the United States. Because Obama helped all of them steal money hand over fist. With President Trump running the country they can’t steal money and can’t destroy our Country.

You, we, have to stop supporting all these Traitors Republican or Demo-rats, Senators and Congressmen becasue they have wrecked our Country, for votes and power and money. We have to remember what Joe, the Asshole, Vice President said while he was drunk and told the truth the way all of the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans feel, “I am so happy that the White people will be the minority in this Country starting now, in 2017!”  They want to make sure that the White people are stopped, and if these Rat Politicians took over they would set the Gangs and Muslims loose to kill us all. Don’t think so? Look up in history what the Politicians did in their Countries to take over, they killed the people that thought were able to take away their power. And in this Country it is the White People.

We need a new Party because the Republicans and Demo-rats are the same they want the same thing. Tea Party. or if you can’t run your own neighborhood guy for congressmen or Senator, vote out the incumbent, put in some one new and then vote him out before he can get to powerful with selling us out for big bucks, the incumbents are the ones that are  destroying  our country and bringing in all the Illegals and Muslims and supporting the Gang Bangers.

Always keep our guns and our bibles we will need them soon.