I am always right…proof

Tonight on Lu Dobbs  one of his guests said exactly what  I have said for years. The reason the Republicans, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and John Boehner, the crying drunk, and the Rep[publican and Demo-rat Senators and Congressmen are owned by all the health Insurance Companies and the Lobbyists  and that is why they won’t repeal Obama Care. The Republicans  didn’t vote for Obama Care but they were paid off along with the Demo-rats. But the Republicans took the money not to vote against Obama Care.  What I say about our past Presidents and all our Senators and Congressmen is true! They are all Traitors and Rats  filling their pockets with money.

The Republicans and the Demo-rats are the same liars, thieves and crooks who serve themselves getting supper rich while they sell out we the people and want to turn are Country into a Socialist/Communist Satellite. Stop giving Senators and Congressmen of both parties and the Republican Party and the demo-rat Party money,  they use our money to take away our Country and our Freedom and make us poor and slaves. Why do you think they want Multi -Cultureism   and not Americanism, why do you think they all want a two language, why do you think they want to destroy the First and Second Amendments, why do you think both Parties want duel citizenship, why do you think they want the Muslims and the Mexicans and the Blacks to take over, open borders? To Destroy the United States of America forever.

The Church brought on the Dark Ages becasue they didn’t want the people to get educated and wanted full control over them. Our Government wants the same thing full control and ignorance from us and they became the super rich rulers of us and the World. Our Government wants open borders not we the people Our Past Presidents want us to into the Dark Ages, Government controlled Education and full Control of everything else Our Government wants the UN to run things in our Country we the people don’t and it is our Government that is hurting we the people very way they can. especially the White race!

Vote Tea Party and if you Vote Demo-rat or Republican vote our the incumbent no matter who he or she is they are all the same Traitors. Their will be a civil war if t the Republicans don’t start doing what we and President Trump wanted these Rats to do in the first place for us and our Country.  Their would be no Republican Party if nit were not for President Trump.

We should march on Washington DC armed with our Guns and Bibles, millions of us not just a few,  and throw out every Senator and Congressmen that is there and take over their seats and we will make America Great again with the leadership of President Trump. Let us hope that our armed forces join us in freeing our Country from these Traitors and Rats!