Another worthless survey

I have to say this. All the Political surveys and any other survey you get…throw them in the garbage because you opinionĀ  doesn’t mean “Jack S—” they or who ever is sending out the surveys have already made up their minds what they are going to do. They only want your money because they think you are stupid. There is a sucker born every minute.P.T. Barnum said that. And he was and still is right. The people that know we are stupid are smarter today then they have ever been. And we are suckers, look what we have done to ourselves and our Country voting for every Rat Traitor Con-man that has become a Senator and a Congressman, women included. Only President Trump is a up front guy, the only president in over a hundred years that is for our country first. And the Rats are trying to rid rid of him because he doesn’t belong to their Mafia Club. I am sorry to insult the Mafia by comparing past Traitor Presidents and all our Senators and Congressmen including Goody two shoes Sessions and guys like Muller who are protecting the Progressive Regime to the Mafia. And that our Senators and Congressmen started, after George Bush gave up the USA, to Obama and all the Demo-rats, and for 8 years they have destroyed our Country, I think more like 20 years of Demo-rat and Republican rule.

Now comes Donald Trump who wants to save our Country and every one of these RatsĀ  are working against him becasue he is working for our Freedom and us and our Country, but they never once stopped Obama from doing anything he wanted to do that was wrong to our , they all had their faces in his crotch with their mouth’s open for him, Country. Now our ex Presidents and our Senators and CongressmenĀ  all feel they are citizens and leaders of the whole world, like the other Traitor Jimmy Carter.

But we have to back Trump and if it means giving up our lives for our Country fighting our enemy all the Senators and Congressmen and Government so be it! But fight we will and bring them to trial for Treason and put them in jail where they belong.