President Trump to get North Korea!!!

President Trump is a real stand up guy for the USA. It’s about time we have a stand up President like Trump. But all the Other Presidents when North Korea threatened us sent them billions of dollars not to hurt us. And 10/1 they all made a deal for 60/40. North Korea got forty percent and our Presidents got 60% back in Kick backs, then cut the money up with the Traitors, our Senators and Congressmen. That’s why Obama did what ever he wanted. Now if North Korea attacks us we should wipe out North Korea that will be the only Country except Saudi Arabia, that attacked us. Now our Soldiers will fighting fore the United States not the UN in no win wars.

Here are the names with McConnell and the normal two faced Traitors who  are always  against President Trump, and with the Demo-rats, is becasue they have already been bought by the Insurance Companies and there buddies who are Lobbyists dropped millions of Dollars in McConnell’s desk, tax free millions of dollars and he has to cut that money up with theses Traitors who are always against President Trump siding with all the Demo-rats lead by Schummer:

these are the Rhino Rats: Alexander, Ayottle, Bunt, Burr, Cochran, Collins, Enzi, Ernst, Heller, Hoven, Isakson, Johnson, Kirk, McCain, Graham, Moran, Murkowski, Portman, Roberts Rounds Scott, Wicker. These are the Rats that are with McConnell who is a liaing son-of a bitch. This proves that none of our Senators or Congressmen, all Traitors and Demo-rats and Republicans work hand in glove to screw we the people. Proof that that work for themselves and work against our Country and work for themselves. They all lied whine they said vote all Republican and they have the power to repeal Obama Care and Cut taxes they won’t go against Obama. They lied they are against us, especially the White people.

In 2018 vote out these people, but don’t put the Demo-rats back in becasue they will really destroy our Country. Vote TEA PARTY or Let’s start the TRUMP PARTY!!! Which we should have done in the first place because if it were not for Donald Trump there would be no Republican Party. Does any body remember Mel Brooks movie History when it got the the Roman Senators and some one asked, “What about the People” and the answer was, “Fuck the People.” True and that is what governments have been doing since Politicians came into society, a few thousand years ago and they haven’t changed!!

Keep your guns we will need them soon and vote Trump Party and Tea Party. Get rid of the ole Rats. Term Limits!