Jerry Brown Backing Illegal Aliens by HIS law



The reason California, Jerry Brown wants the State of California a Sanctuary State is for the billions of dollars that the Federal Government gives his State. Beside that Jerry Brown is an Obama worshiper, and a Progressive Homo, Like his Progressive leader and he hates the United States of America and wants to do his part destroy our Country.

A Demo-rat and all Demo-rats love the criminals, 90% of all illegal aliens in California were turned loose from the Mexican Prisons and other Pan-America Countries prisons. Carter did the same thing with Cuba, another Demo-rat setting the standard  to bring Criminals into our Country before honest citizens of any country. We were becoming a civilized Country until the Demo-rats destroyed the Negro population by destroying the Negro family structure. And Carter bringing in Criminals from Cuba prisons that Castro was more then happy to get rid of, just like Mexico and all the Latin Countries south of Mexico. And now we have Gangs roaming our cities, making young girls gang prostitutes. And they recruit young children to become assassins to murder people because if the child gets caught he doesn’t go to prison and with a death sentence or to prison for many years. The Government try to rehabilitate them. But when they come back into society they go back to the gangs and are still killers.

Who caused all this, Federal Government, Senators and Congressmen and State and city Governments where the Demo-rat Party are in Control. Our Enemy our Senators and Congressmen even make laws to protect the criminals first before we the people. Jerry Brown is a Progressive Demo-rat and his Senators have done just that to the people of California with his own laws. He has put the Illegal Aliens ahead of the people. The people in California got what they wanted when they voted for Jerry Brown. A State that favors Criminals over it’s own people. Brown has made the White population the Victims of the Illegal Aliens in his state. They can Commit any crime they want from murder to black mail and run protection scams and the Police cannot stop the Criminals just like in other Demo-rat Party State in Control, look at  Illinois and Chicago.

The Fake News Media hide the facts from we the people about the Illegal Aliens, Muslims and the rest of the bust outs that they brought  here. And the Republicans did nothing to stop Obama because Obama gave each of them millions of dollars for the Trillions of dollars  that he stole and put us in 20 Trillion dollars of more debt, just to destroy our Country. Who destroys Countries? We the people becasue we voted them in office.