Tom Cruse Movie

I highly recommend everyone go see Tom Cruse’s new movie, which is an excellent 1st class movie exposing the Federal Government for their stupidity, if you want to see what our enemy our Presidents Senators, Congressmen, CIA and all the Government Police are all assholes who don’t have the slightest clue what they are doing, do. They always help the enemy, and we the people pay for their mistakes because they have an agenda that they really don’t nothing about. They are trained actor and liars who make you think that they are really smart and have handle on everything. They don’t. They are not smart they are just people, no better then you and me. But Dumb with, with power and  no scene just thinking of “me, me, me”

The Vegas killer was a Government set up to destroy the 2nd Amendment, run by the Federal Government. Obama and his secrete Government were committing planed murders of our people to get rid of the guns. Hillary Clinotn was supposed to be President, and with this mass murder set up by our Government, way before she lost the election,  she would be able to get all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans ans the Supreme Court  to destroy the Second Amendment and take away our guns.

Our Government has an agenda and that is to take away our rights, liberties and Constitution and make us like Africa where everyday people by the thousand are being slaughtered by their own Government and sponsored Gangs of Negro killers all for money and power. Guess who gives, them guns and training and  all the money they need to kill their own people. The United States of America! Freedom fighters. In Syria we support ISIS and Al-Qaeda, our Governments Freedom fighters the same people that are killer our troops and every Jew and Christian and killing people in Europe. All the past Presidents starting with Jimmy Carter to Obama. But not President Trump, so far, he is trying to help we the people, but the Demo-rats and traitor Republicans run by O’Connell and Ryan are stopping our President from   helping our Country. Vote them all out and put in new people with TERM LIMITS and cut their pay and perks. We the people are the real Government and they have top do what we want. Not what they want.

And if that doesn’t happen we have to back our Government by force. A civil war against the Left and the whole Federal Government.