VP Pence walks out of NFL game in protest


Doesn’t the Vice President have the right to protest against the NFL football players who are against the Country of the United States of America? Yes he does. Who do the NFL Owners like that goof that owns the Dallas Cowboys, and a bunch of ungrateful Africans who disrespect our Flag and our Country? The only reason that are in in football and are 70% of all the Players, is because they are the chosen people of the Federal Government that passed a unlawful law that is called Affirmative Action that puts all Negros ahead of all White people, that goes against the Constitution. This was passed by White people for their vote. Not because the Negro Race is so wonderful. The Negro NFL players could never make it on their own in anything because the Government has to support them. The only reason they are picked is because of Affirmative Action they have to be picked first above a White male, even if they don’t qualify for the spot. And the Owners are paid millions of dollars to pick the ungrateful Negros first by the Government. If it wasn’t for the White Politicians they would never be Affirmative Action in their favor.
Who are the paying costumers who go to the football games and pay big money to see these Traitors who hate the White people and the White Fans. The White people support all the NFL. Who buys all the jerseys of the Negro football players the stupid White people. Screw the Dallas Cowboys Owner who talks “Mumbo-Jumbo” and the NFL and Fake News media trying to make V.P. Pence and President Trump look like the bad guys because they are supposed to stick for our Flag and our National Anthem not for a bunch of ungrateful Prejudiced Negros who hate the USA and all the White people. The Negros are wrong and the NFL is wrong to attack the Vice President and the President. IF it were Obama the White/ Negro President, these Negro Foot ball Players would kiss his ass. I will and everybody I know boycott the NFL, and all their sponsors until the Negros apologize to we the people, or that when all the Negros who disrespect our Flag our National Anthem are gone from football.

It is about time we had men like President Trump and VP Pence to stick for the United States of America and not side with people, Negro and Muslims and Latino and everybody else who is against the United States of America. Including the Fake News Media and Hollywood people.