Saul Alensky


Saul Alinsky’s rules for Obama;

i) Healthcare:Control healthcare and you control the people: Obama did that with all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans didn’t lift a finger to stop them. And the Republicans refuse to repeal Obamacare and that  keeps them in control of the people. Get rid of O’Connell and Ryan and the rest of the Traitors that won’t do what the promised to do for over 8 years and now they have a chance and they refuse to stop Obama Care.

2)  Poverty:  Increase the Poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back as long as you are providing everything they require to live.

Look at Affirmative action that created more Poverty in this country that was ever seen before. The Government starting with Jimmy Carter shipped all the Manufactures out of this Country and people loosing their jobs, helping to create Poverty. Look at all the Illegal Mexicans that are here and don’t work living in Poverty and our Government gives them money and everything for free and hurt the White tax payers. also increasing more poverty in our Country. And the Government is still doing that, Lead by the Demo-rat Progressive Communist leaders and followed by the Traitor Republicans.

3) Debt: Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. In this way taxes must increase. In this will produce more Poverty. For 8 years Obama and the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans are still increasing our Taxes to hurt and we the people, mostly the White people who they hate because they can’t control them. Ryan is always along worth the Demo-rats lead by the tax queen of our Country Nancy Pelosi to increase our taxes and President Trump wants to cut taxes, which we the White people want, and the Republican Traitor lead by O’Connell and Ryan won’t cut taxes, they want to destroy us and our Country as much as the Demo-rats who are still in charge and being helped by the Republicans. Obama and the Demo-rats planed and started all of this including the 20 trillion dollar Debt we have started by good old George Bush Jr. and the New World Order.

4) Gun Control: Remove the ability for citizens to defend themselves from the Government.  In that way way you are able to create a Police state. The Demo-rats have always been for more Gun Control. In Chicago where the  Negros are killing each other over Dope and just  killing each other for nothing. Last Night on Fax their was a Demo-rat alderman and he and the rest of the City Counsel run by the Gang Bangers want more gun control. The gun gets up by itself and kills people, people don’t kill people the gun does it. And the Demo-rats and Obama’s Shadow Government are still finding people willing to commit murder for them so they can take away your gun.  This was well planned for years because Hillary Clinton was supposed to  president and that is thing Gun Control and the Demo-rats, also the Traitor Republicans. President Trump is for arming we the people to protect us from our Communist enemy our Senators and Congressmen who want to destroy us and our Country.

5) Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing and Income)

Our Traitor Government has done just that, and are still doing that with 11million Illegal Hispanics in this County. And the Demo-rats want more to brake our Country. I say what President Trump says Deport all of them and bull shit dreamers to becasue 90% are gang bangers none of them want to be citizens of the United States of American they want us to become Citizens of Moxie and theorize Countries and speak Spanish and destroy our Constitution and our Country.

6)Education : Take Control of what children read and to what they are taught in school.

Jimmy Carter the first Traitor President to come out of the Closet and star Government Communist Controlled education, Carter knew exactly what he was doing following the Communist Manifesto. Lenin wrote give me the young Children to educate and i will, give you the best State controlled Communist in the world. And what do our schools teach our Children hate America and love the Government. Obama and the Demo-rats put in more teachers of hate and created more hate among the Races.

7)Religion: Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

That is also happening thanks to Obama and the Traitors who still follow him. Look at the Pope of the Catholic church he doens’t believe in God or the  Catholic faith which the Church changed in the60’s to help destroy the Catholic Church and the Religion trying to change the church into a World Government Controlled Universal Church that will worship the new god, the Government of the New World Bush family Order.

8) Class warfare:Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent. And it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Wasn’t Obama always taxing the “Fat Cats”. But he never said that he was the Fastest Cat of all along with all the Senators and Congressmen who cut up the Trillions of dollars Obama borrowed. And the people who got hit with the Fat Cat Tax everything were the hard working White Middle Class who were on the bottom end of the highest tax rate that there is. This is still going on by our enemy our Senators and Congressmen. Vote them out and put people in who love our Country as most of us do.

Alensky said nothing new it is all in the Communist Manifesto, the Manifesto written by Mark and Lenin and the newest Communist thinker who they all follow Antonio Gramsci.. And Obama and all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans follow this to a man and a women.  Alensky was a person who hated humanity, the United States of America and everything that our Country stood for and was a trained Communist. Obama was a trained Communist, his Grandparents were communists who hated the United States of America and Obama was raised by these people who then turned him over to his real father. He doesn’t look like that sucker that believed that he was the father. I think that if there were a DNA sample of Obama his father would turn out to Frank Marshall Davis a   true Negro Communist who helped brain wash Barrack Husein Obama. Another true communist and Muslim Jew hater just like the Clinton Crime family. They also hated the USA and our Militarily and Hillary Clinton wrote a paper in college about how much she admired Sal Alensky which the “Fake News Media and the College she went too protected her and what she wrote. And today we have mostly Senators and Congressmen who like the Clinton’s grew up in the 60s and hate the United States of America. A good example is  Schumer. Tell me why it is the liberal Jew who wants to destroy everything in a Country. They supported Hitler, they support the Muslims here in America. And Schumer is probably another supporter of Sal Alinsky. Obama’s best friend was Bill Ayers and they hate the USA! But strange none of these people will leave and go live in Cuba or any other Socialist/Communist Country.