Shut Down

From Hungry Joe:

So, please, someone, I don’t care who, correct me or tell me “you are wrong”. Our Govt. Is going to shut down. Why again? Let’s see is it because of a stock market crash? NOPE, it’s the highest it has ever been……Is it because of a strong increase in unemployment? NOPE that is the lowest it has been in many years……Could it be the national growth rate or GDP flat lining, NOPE, at 3.3 2017 fourth quarter it is much better than the 1.8 growth in the 2016 fourth quarter…..who was president at that time? ….. Is it that no new jobs are being created? NOPE, according to the labor department the USA saw a job creation rate of 170,000 a month on average……. IS IT BECAUSE THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS AND LIBERALS IN THIS COUNTRY JUST DONT LIKE TRUMP? NOW WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE.

They don’t like his hair, his wife or his children…..They don’t like his harsh words or the fact that he is not politically correct…BLA BLA BLA.

What they really don’t like is that they can’t get their way with him, he can’t be bought……He is steadfast on his feelings and what his plans are for illegals and foreigners when it comes to the USA……We, legal citizens of this country, come first to Trump. America comes first to him. If you want proof of what I am saying just look at this. …..Dew to various reasons, Democratic filibusting old time Republicans that can’t get their way and so on, our Govt. is going to shut down……..during this shut down American Military people will not be getting their paycheck. The people who have put themselves in harm’s and their life on the line. The people who have to spend months and years away from their families so that idiots can go around with vaginas on their heads. These are the people who won’t be getting paid…….I would like to know if any of the illegal aliens in this country are going to stop getting their welfare check?…… I think we all know the answer to that. Do any of you liberals even see the absolute absurdity behind what I just wrote?