The Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party should stop blaming the NRA

The Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party should stop blaming the NRA for all the mass murders. It is not the NRA who is killing people. It is the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party who is finding all these Psychopath killers and turning them loose on easy “no Gun zone targets that they created to help make  it easier for the killers to kill every one they want because they is no GUN to protect the children. It is the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party run by two Psychopaths, who want to destroy our country any way they can. Nancy D’Alasandro Pelosi (Mexican) and Schumer Socialist Communist Liberal Jew. They want the children to die along with George Soros and Bloomberg to take away our second amendment rright to protect ourselves from these killers and Gangs that roam our streets freely killing people. So they can destroy our country.

The White Race, so there is no one in the USA who is White. And don’t kid yourself these people are the most evil people in the world and they belong to the most evil, if not the world,weak people who are Nazi Communists, the Demo-rat Party are easily bought and paid for by people who hate our Country like Soros so he can rule and if he dies his son can rule our Country along with super rich people like Bloomberg and the Rockefellers,all the Hollywood traitors who love the enemy and not us or our country, who made them rich.

They all love Russia including Muller who is protecting all the Rats like Nancy D’Alsndro Peolis, who made sure that her husband and her family got all the lucrative government contracts that came out to make her and her family part of the super rich who work with and for the Russians to destroy our Country. And the assholes in California still vote for this crook and the other one, Feinstein (Liberals Communist Jew  who hates America and wants to destroy it like their leader who is running things, Obama the greatest  Traitor in the history of the United States of America.

A  vote for any Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat is a vote for the Destruction of our Country, the 2nd Amendment our freedom in favor of very Illegal Mexicans and none white person to come into this country and destroy it. Don’t believe it. look what happened in all the African Nations that changed over  to all Negros. The Gangs took over and started a Genocide. How did they get away with that? Because the people were not allowed to own a gun. Most of the time it was their own government, like ours,that killed millions of Africa Negros. That is exactly what our Government run the by the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party with the help of the Republican Traitors will do to us.

It is extremely sad that these children were murdered. It was not the NRA who killed them it was Demo-Rat Party run by Obama that killed these children. and and young man who’s name is Cruz, Hispanic. Because the Demo-rats  created gun-free zones to stop killings like this. Did Gun Free zones stop the  killings? No, there have been more.all because the Nazi Socialist /Communist Demo-rat Party are willing to kill our Children, not theirs because they have Guards 24/7 with the best Automatic weapons that there are to protect their Families but not ours. Just so they and Soros and Bloomberg and the Fake News Media propaganda machine want us to be unarmed so they can take over.

If that coward who was the Deputy would have run into the school instead of hiding outside he could have killed Cruz before he killed all those kids. Now the Fake News Media and the Demo-rats are trying to make Cruz look he was the victim. And people want to vote for the Demo-rats, are you crazy? To vote for people who want to murder our children because they want to destroy the second Amendment? Obama, Emanuel, Nancy D’Alsandro Pelois and Schumer  and every Demo-rat say and believe, “The end Justifies the Means” that means killing our children in gun Free Zones to get rid of the Second Amendment . They did that to do justify  what Cruz did.  It was the Gun and The NRA not Cruz who murdered all those children.