Undocumented Illegal Mexican Aline

An undocumented Illegal Mexican Alien lawyer was on Truck Carlson’s show last night and was defending MS !3 Gangs and Illegal Aliens from Mexico and and south of Mexico and condoning Mexico for helping the Illegal Aliens get through Mexico to the USA. Then Claimed that he was DACA so he is not an Illegal Alien. But what came out of his mouth was that our Country is no more as Sovereign Nation and belongs to anyone who wants to come here and we have to support them all . And if they commit crimes here that is OK too because that is their right for Invading our Country.

Our Country does not belong to we White Citizens anymore. It belongs to Illegal Mexican aliens and we should all learn to speak Spanish for that is the new Language of the USA according to all DACA men and women., We the USA owe them, because their criminal parents brought them here when they were children. Most DACA people belong to the MS 13 Gangs and our criminals themselves. 90% of all Latinos Hate the Gringos and our Country. They don’t like the freedom or the money or a chance to get ahead they all want what they came from  a third world shit whole where there are no laws and the Government and police are as corrupt as the criminals i.e. MS 13 gangs that rule these countries.

So much for DACA and the Rat Nazi Socialist/communist Demo-rat Part that have elected to give illegal Aliens free education and everything free, and none of them have to go to jail or leave this country., We have to leave the country for them. The our Enemy the Nazi Demo-rat Party  stick it to the White male population who have to pay through the noose for an education. and as long as you are not White you go free.

Forget about DACA people they should be deported also because they want to destroy our country like the rest of them. The Nazi Demo-rat Party is practicing open borders to wreck our Country in favor of these new dumb arrogant Mexican slaves who think they can walk in and we have to talk Spanish and they can commit crimes and there is nothing wrong with the supper killers raised by Mexican criminal mothers and fathers to become MS 13 gangs, who never stepped in to guide their children.  That bull shit they call, La Razza, the blood, of arrogance. Deport them all they broke our laws and they are all criminals they are only here for the free Government hand outs and nothing else and to be able to commit any crime they want and go free.

People  make sure your guns are loaded at all times and keep them on you at all time because you are going to need them to defend your self because of the Nazi Demo-rat Party and their leader Obama who wants this country destroyed at any cost and allow these criminals to get away with murder and the Fake News Media is on their side not ours.

Our Enemy the Nazi Demo-rat Party and coward Republicans hiding in the tress so as not to offend any one but selling us out to Mexico, China, Russia and any enemy country willing to bribe their children and get favors from the Senators and Congressmen to do favors and pass laws for outsiders but not for we the people especially the White male who has been under attack from our Government for the last 60 years since Kennedy, with Affirmative Action laws for all none White males.   that law is against the Constitution of the United States of America because by law it created inequality and tries to destroy the White male race, in favor of a Negro and Latino mixed race to keep control of the people. It will never work. If the Government stayed out of the Natural order of life we would not have this problem today, because they cause all the problems we have in this world. including the UN and wars that never end and we never win ,and our White children die for the UN not for the USA, we serve the UN not our own country.. Our Government the Nazi Demo-rat party in Charge is destroying us.

There is no DACA or illegal Mexican who what to become Americans and think like Americas they us us to change for them. They are not the nice humble people you see that the Propaganda movie machine outs out. They are are bad as or worse then everybody.  That goes for all the none whites that come here from India and other none White countries. They laugh at us and think we are weak and stupid.