Obama has always funded our enemies.

Obama always helped the enemy every where in the world, with our tax dollars and the Senate or the Congress never question him. But if President Trump farted in the White House they would have him up before a Trail by the Traitor Senators and Congressmen wanting to Impeach him. But the Magic Negro could do anything he wanted. Do a gun running operation from the Black House with another Black Racists and hater of the United States of America Eric Holder, ( to me he looked exactly like a “Sloth” ) to run guns to the Mexican drug Cartels, fund  all the Muslims Terrorists in the Middle east and here in the USA, commit murders and Treason by selling our secrets to Russia, China, Iran North Korea. and the list is endless. But the Senators, Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans, let him do what ever he wanted…becasue they all want the same thing the destruction of our Country and they still do becasue they fight President Trump on everything and the Fake News Media help them and the Professors of hate that teach the little boys and Girls in colleges, all the Demo-rat Judges that Obama appointed from the ACLU still work for Obama and George Soros.




This is from the Conservative Tribune: written by K. Campball

In February 2016, then-President Barack Obama announced a plan to increase U.S. aid to Colombia to at least $450 million in 2017 in order to help the Colombian government overcome the Marxist-inspired Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, also known as FARC.

However, under the terms of Colombia’s attempt to appease the rebels ravaging their country, the U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization would actually benefit from the massive funding, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.

In fact, the deal would include direct distributions to FARC members, as well as government grants of millions of acres of prime agricultural land, according to Monica Crowley in an opinion piece to the New York Post.