Not Terrorism?

Terrorism is an act of attacking Police, Senators and Congressmen the law Establishment people who cannot defend themselves. Doesn’t matter if it is Muslims Gang Bangers or anyone else. The first FBI spokesmen looked like he was a Muslim and the FBI is Politically correct by not calling this guy who shot  Scalices not a terrorist. They are protecting the Muslim Community who are the ones killing people. This shooter committed an act of Terrorism!!! Our Government still being run by Obama and all his people that he put into the FBI Muslim from the Terrorists Organization CARE! Bill Ayers and his wife and the Weather Underground were Terrorist and they were not Muslims. Black Lives Matter is a Terrorists Organization. All the Liberals that use College Students to burn and destroy and protest in cities are Terrorist organizations. All Black, Mexican and Puerto Rican Gangs are Terrorists. They Terrorize we the people by murder selling Dope and taking over whole Neighborhoods and Terrorizing the population. All this is and has been done by the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans. They want criminals Terrorists Muslim and the rest to Terrorize we the people. They want Chaos, they want the people to be afraid to go into the Streets they want the people for the Government to protect them. The Government cannot protect us from anyone. We have to protect ourselves with our guns and guts. But our law makers in Washington have made laws to protect the Muslims and Criminals abut not we the people.

Our Government always invites the Criminals into this Country. Castro let out all the criminals from Cuba’s jail’s for Jimmy Carter to bring them here to the USA. Mexico and ever other Pan American and South American country’s let all their Criminals out of jail to come here to the USA to help Obama and all out Senators and Congressmen destroy our Country. Their are more Muslims and Mexicans and Gang Bangers in this country then we have soldiers in our Armed Forces. A Terrorist is a Terrorist, weather he or she is a Muslim, or Gang Banger they are all the same. And the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans with Obama made them more strong by giving them all the money they need through public Grants.