Do you believe that their is a “Deep State” ?

That was the question that was asked some time today. My answer is:

I believe their is a “Deep State’ run by Obama,Holder, rice power, Jerret and everyone connected with the Obama Black house. I also believe that every Nazi Demo-rat is involved and all the Traitor Republican run by McConnell and Ryan. The Clinton Crime Family the Bush Family the Carter Family and the Rockefeller’s who run the Bilderberg, and organization run by the other Nations and our Politicians along with Soros and Bloomberg. And we can’t forget the UN. There is a list that is a mile long of the “think tanks” and none Governmental organizations working against our country with the help of our enemy our elected Senators and Congressmen to destroy President Trump and our Country. And I wouldn’t put nothing past Homeland Security (Heil Hitler) the FBI and the CIA.

Think not look around and see what is happening in our Country, with no laws for criminals and People that work for the Government. Like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton Traitors they are above the law because that gutless Sessions can’t bring himself to indite any of his friends and they are all friends that cut up millions of dollars, Nazi Demo-rats and The Traitor Republicans.

Deep State you bet there is a Deep States run by Obama. A Master Traitor and Russian Agent.