What is going on

With all the protesters and riots and wanting to tare down statues of past history. It right out of the Communist Manifesto: Destroy tradition and instill the new thinking. This is all Obama and the professors of hate. This is the 60 riots all over again only more sophisticated  and more well organized, by the people in the Obama camp who still want the United States of America destroyed.There is more money available to the Organizations that are against our Country then ever before and the money is supplied by our own Government to help these rioters to be bused in and attack normal people and the Police in all Demo-rat Cities and States are told to stand down as they were in North Carolina by the Black Police Chief. Our Congressmen ans Senators fund every radical group and Professors of Hate and Communist Union Thugs to go in and brake peoples heads and burn down the Cities. The Demo-rats love sponsoring these thugs more then anyone else.