18 years of war…not our war!

I heard today and TV some announcer say that Trump was about the end America’s  longest war.

This is not America’s longest war, this is the UN’s longest war using our military to do their dirty work. This war in Afghanistan is not America’s war it is the UN’s war protecting poppy fields for one of the biggest drug dealers in the world that is in the UN.

If it was an American war, we would have won that war 17 years ago. Going in fight the war like a war and kill everybody and get out.  But because it is a UN war and our  Armed Forces belong to the UN does not  belong to the United States of America anymore even though we pay for a and teach our troops the art of war  they belong to the UN. and they are forced by our Presidents and the UN not to win because all the presidents,Obama put extra restrictions on our soldiers to make sure they die before the Muslims, Obama’s people. The reason they belong to the UN is because all our great president since Truman on up the road and our senators and congressmen were more than happy to give our soldiers in our military to the UN to fight no win wars. That was adopted by the demo rat party.

Of all the soldiers that died since the UN took over Armed Forces, 90% are white, that have died since the first UN war started which was Korea that was never settled never settled anything. Our Government, the demo-Rats love that, like Joe Biden said a few years ago he was so happy that in 2017 the white population would no longer be the majority in the United States of America

So what good is belonging to the UN when you’re the biggest force in the field with the most money and the most white soldiers to kill because all the other countries put in one 10th of the people that we put in to die in no win wars for the UN like Korea, Vietnam, every country in the Middle East that was set a fire by Jimmy Carter and really the guy who put Middle East  into a blaze is Obama and the demo rat party and Hillary Clinton leading everything. Our soldiers have been dying since 1950 in UN  no win wars for nothing, none of those countries attacked us. The only country that attacked us was Saudi Arabia when they flew the airplanes into the twin towers and kill 3000 people. We should of declared war in Saudi Arabia and attacked them.

So I say again, Afghanistan is not America’s longest war. It’s the UN’s longest war in our Armed Forces belong to the you and not the United States of America.

I have two words for the UN and are not very nice and we should get out of the UN because all they do is kill and mangle our soldiers and go ho-hum and they want still want to take over the world and destroy the United States of America.