Citizens of America we Stand Alone!!!

                        Citizens of America we stand alone!!!

Freedom loving Citizens of the United Stated of America we stand alone. Our Life, Liberty, The Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom is being taken away from us by a small minority  of people lead by Barrack Hussein Obama who along with the Progressive Communist Democrats and Republicans and now the Unions are going to destroy our Country. We must unite and stand up for our freedom our right to live as free men and women that our children are not to be brain washed by the Obama, Clinton Government. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said, “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants…It is the natural manure”

We are coming close to that time.  Tell your Congressmen and Senators to force Obama to step down before the 2012 election, as President, Obama is working against the United States of America, you don’t have to march. E-Mail!

 Douglas Dauntless

 We stand alone in our fight for our freedom and the protection of our Constitution that protects us from the Federal Government from taking our freedom away. President Obama, his cabinet made up of all the Clinton’s people, actually they are all  chosen from the Council on Foreign Relations, Presidents come and go but the cabinet is the same old crew from the CRF, these people hate America and our freedom, they hate the white middle class citizens of the United States of America because they are the electoral power that can knock these Tyrants out of their political seats. They are all, what do they call themselves, “Progressives” which basically means they are Communists and want to change the Constitution so it will not  protect you and me but they and they alone. They have to destroy the United States of America and all that we stand for. Then and only then, will the World fall apart and they will be the rulers and we the slaves. 

 Imagine if Obama wins in 2012 the Government will take over our homes and we will be forced to live where they tell us. We will have no freedom; they will pick and choose who will live and who will die. If you can’t be productive for them you are useless and you will die. Remember Obama and his Gang are killers of mankind.

 Going back to Woodrow Wilson and his alter ego Edward House we have been slowly pushed into Communism and no freedom. Our politicians have worked  against our freedom and our God given rights to freedom since Wilson’s time , and before him by others, Wilson may have been book smart but in the back of his mind his thoughts and House’s thoughts were to create Socialism/ Communism because the American people were and are not smart enough to run their own lives, or what they should be there-for they should be slaves and serve their Masters the Presidents, Cabinet, Congress and the Senate and their connections with big business. They remain wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. Look around now see the way Obama lives, like a King, knowing all along he and the rest of the Communist Democrats and Republicans, and the Queen of Taxes Nancy Pelosi spending our money because the well of tax dollars never runs dry, but not her personal money. Thousands of people are out of work because of our Government and the Unions, Pelosi’s bar bill alone could support a couple thousand people and their families for years and so can our tax dollars support people that Obama and his wife spend, billions in their travels around the world on shopping trips connecting with our enemies selling us out.

 The Federal Government gives our tax dollars our hard earned money from those of us who work for a living and try and save so we can have a better life for ourselves and our families and the Government takes away more than 60% to 70% of our money in all taxes. They give our money to every anti-American organization that asks for it, as long the organizations is working against the citizens of the United States of America . They create taxes that make sure we  have barely enough money to live on and we will always be in debt. Has anyone noticed that prices for everything we buy has doubled or even tripled with the 2006 election of handing over the Government to the Communist Democrats and Republicans, their leader John McCain, who works hand in hand with the Communist Bipartisan Democrats? These are the same people who have gone out of their way to create all the problems we have today, no jobs, they and the unions who killed all the manufacturing jobs and all union jobs, are the one’s who sent all the manufacturing jobs oversees. The Unions killed all the jobs by forcing higher wages that Companies could not afford, the Presidents sold us out for money anybody’s money, why do you think they all have a library, it’s a front for them, say China and The Clintons who made China #1 trader with America on all goods, and what China is today, a World Power and they get their kick back through these library’s so they don’t have to pay taxes and keep all the money for themselves. High taxes, high debt, Wars to kill our children that we don’t belong in, Cities that are crumbling. It is all done by the Communist Democrats and Republicans. Look at the world, we the United States built up Japan. Japan is more modern they we are, Germany same thing and we the tax payers paid for it all.. Look to Saudi Arabia, They have and still are making billions if not trillions off of us, why do you think that the Muslims are so powerful today calling for a Jihad all over the World, kill all Christians and Jews . Jimmy Carter invented a forty billion dollar a year mill-stone bureaucracy around the tax payer’s neck, the Department of Energy who have for the last 40 years have done nothing to relive us from dealing with Foreign oil. In fact we are more dependent on them now.

 Nikita Khrushchev said at the UN, “We will bury you from within,” he knew what he was talking about because the Communists were already here dug in, in education,  in Religion, in the news media, in the highest positions in our Government. The Communist have done a better then good job on us thay did a great job of destroying us all with the help of our Presidents and Congressman and Senators, let’s not forget the  Presidents Cabinets all hand picked from the Council of Foreign Relations with David Rockefeller at the head of it. Has George Soros taken over all these non governmental organizations,that are wrecking our Country?

 Communist Russia has given money to all our Socialist/ Communist Congressmen and Senators, could it be that the Russians with the help of all their agents, our Congressmen and Senators made sure that while they were able to steal our tax dollars and become multi-millionaires  and billionaires followed orders from their mentors in Russia, make sure that every organization like Acorn and the Unions, George Soros and  their off shoots and every teacher that teaches hate America, hate your parents, hate the Armed Forces, hate freedom, and love racism, also love Socialism and Communism, make sure that everything that would hurt the people and destroy America got money to keep working our destruction. All thee money funneled through Communist USA and their other Communist front groups, like the Congressional Progressive Caucus, from an article from Wikipedia ,  take their orders the Institute for Policy Studies  who take their directly from Russia, ( they are still Communist no matter what they say, they still want to kill America and take over the world)  these seventy-seven Congressmen are all Progressive Communists working against we the people. You can find out who they are just look it up.  Why does the news media, news papers magazines, movies and TV always push the Socialist/ Communist agenda?

 The Communist are all who profess the Democratic dogma, this also includes the States, look what the Democrats did with the help of  Trumpka, the Communist Union leader, in Wisconsin, Mayors, State Representatives, all Progressives want to destroy the United States of America, look at them listen to them along with Rhino Republicans because they are Communist thinkers. From Robert Chandler’s book Shadow World, about Obama. Illinois Senator Alice Palmer, who is Black, chose ( I think that she was told by Communist Party USA which Obama has real close ties too) to give  up, in 1995  her Illinois Senate seat to  Barrack Hussein Obama what does that tell you about Obama. Palmer is a dedicated member of Communist Party USA. What does that tell you about Progressive Democrats and Republicans, and bipartisanism, even in the State and local Governments ,who all go along with what ever the Communist Democrats want to do to enslave the and destroy the Constitution of our Country. Republicans like John McCain, Joe Leberman, War mongers who know that after WWII the Congress and the Senate wrote into law that we, the United States of America will fight to win a War of any kind. Just send our children into harms way kill as many of our children as they can, and now Obama says we shouldn’t take care of the sick and wounded because they were all volunteers. Another good example of Progressive Democratic Communist thinking in in the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, the whole Democratic Party. They are all Obama Progressive, Communist minded people, always thinking how to take away the power of the people, enslave them and keep all the power for themselves, mostly they cannot defend themselves from the Gang Bangers and their Government because they are not allowed their second Amendments of owning a gun. No where in the Bible did God say just lay down and let anyone who wants to take your life.

 So we Americans who believe in our freedom and our God given rights and the Constitution have an up hill battle to keep all these things. Across the United States where the Democratic Party controls the votes they will do their best to get elected to the Federal, Local, and State Governments,  they will use ACORN and the Unions to steal the vote, and where their is a Democratic Federal Judge, or State Judge they will allow the theft of the vote in favor of the Democrat, in other words they will help steal the vote, and no one will stop them. The American press won’t, they are all for the destruction of America. They were the ones who were supposed to keep everyone honest by telling us who was the traitor, President or who ever, who were the one’s selling us out, who were the ones that should not be in Government. The Press knows who is a rat and who isn’t. They prefer to join the killers of freedom because they think that they are doing some thing great and historical, but when the Republic falls so shall the press and every one else, like Russia there be only one Newspaper and that will belong to the State, and there will be a State run TV. If the press is not executed along with twenty-five million people who brought about the fall of the United States, but if they survive they still will not get a job. They threw away their right to defend the United States and the Constitution. We will all be run by Communist thinking people who will take our money, our homes, and brain your children into thinking like the State, not what you want, Love of God, Freedom, Capitalism, become some thing or go into business, become wealthy, become the President. No they will be taught to become robots and dummies. Hate America and all that it stands for, hate your parents, like Al Gore tells them, hate the White people, hate guns that keep you free, hate your Christen Religion, there will be no Jews because they will all be murdered, but love the State. And the Jews voted for Obama and the Democrats, because they are a liberal thinking people, they also put Hitler into power in Germany. These things are being taught in our schools now because of the Government running education. Look to Chicago, why did Mayor Daley allow a traitor and terrorist would be killer like Bill Ayres to put all his books into the Public School system and educate our children from Grammar School to College, to become traitors to freedom, family, God, and hate mankind and the United States as he does. And where are the people to stand up and protest what is happening? They are silent they are waiting for a strong leader to lead them, there is no one to lead us, we must lead ourselves. The whole World hates the United States. There is no sympathy for America there is no appreciation of the lives that we lost in this 20th and 21sr centuries a 100 years War we are fighting and loosing because our Communist Democrats and Republicans ion the late 40’s made into law the United States was never to win another War, a no win War…Look it up if you don’t believe me, I found it you can too.  The news media will never be for the people of the United States as they were and as they are now, they are for the overthrow of Government and we the people.

 Another great example of a ture hater of America next to Obama and his Gang, are the Clintons, Hillary Clinton is at the UN making sure we, free citizens of the United states of America will loose our rights to keep and own a gun of any kind, the only thing that keeps us free. Remember the 2nd Amendment was written so that we could protect our selves from not our selves but from the Federal Government who right at this moment in time are out to murder us through Obama Care take away our freedom of not only free choice but are thinking as well. to turn us into a Communist Country where the State is not only your ruler but your God. The only way that people like the Bush family, and all the elite super rich Communist Democrats and Republicans start the “New World Order” is to kill the United States of America.

 It didn’t take much for Hillary Clinton a pure Communist Traitor to the United States of  America and the people to take George Soros anti-gun money is working with the UN to force we citizens of the United States our guns but our sovereignty working hand in hand with Obama and the rest of the Communist Democrats and Republicans. Look what Obama, Holder, and Hillary Clinton went to the UN and wanted them to step into the USA and take over the State of Arizona, in my life time and I have been around a long time never has this Government went outside the Congress and the Senate to one of corrupt organizations in the World the UN to tell the United States what they can do and what they can’t. States like this Country also have a sovereignty be create there own laws.

Yet there they are traitors in high government places. None of our elected Congressmen and Senators, except may be the Tea Party people, care about the USA, they only care about money, power, and the destruction of all the people of the United States, except the elites.   

 These Politicians love the Gang Bangers, and the Communist Unions who will take over the streets in America when they dispose of all the policemen who won’t go along with keeping the people in line with the threat of death, Hitler almost did it, Stalin did it with his gang of cut throats he murdered into the millions of Russians who wouldn’t go along with the Communist Government. And Obama and the Communist Democrats and Republicans will do it to us in a second. In the Obama Health Care bill the Communist Nancy Pelosi and her gang of cut throats passed a law against the Constitution that Obama can create his own private Army and give them training and the same guns and ammo that our soldiers have, an he is doing it right now. And has the Supreme Court or the Communist Democrats and Republicans stopped this…? No!! Has the news media told the public what is going on? Hitler had the Brown Shirts, and then killed them all because he was afraid of their power, Stalin had the KGB and the death squads doing his killing, Obama has his Green Army. These Politicians are trying to do it to us right now. 

 We stand alone; there will be no help for us except from ourselves to fight back at all the Communist Democrats and Republicans, Federal, State, and local governments. Because the news-media is not for the people and freedom and they won’t tell us the truth, or keep the Politicians working for our freedom and safety, they are for the over throw of the United States of America . All the problems we have today, from the past 100 years have been and still is caused by the Socialist/ Communist/ bipartisan Republicans and Democrats. If the 2012 November election do not stop these rats we will have to take up arms and do what we must to keep our Constitution and our God given right to live in freedom as free men and women in the United States of America! In God, we trust because man is corrupt and cannot be trusted.

The only thing that keeps us free is our guns, never give them up!