The Gulf Oil Spill





 How the Gulf oil disaster may change the seafood culture of the Gulf States.I read all three articles on this subject. Here is my take yes it will change the seafood culture of the Gulf States and put a ton of boats and people out of work.

 A few weeks ago Obama wanted to regulate all fishing in the United States, no fishing in any of our rivers, lakes, and no fishing in the sea by anyone. So how convenient for the BP oil rig blow up in deep water and the Obama administration knew that it could not be fixed because of the depth, no diver could go that deep. There has been no fishing in the gulf for almost a hundred days and the oil is destroying the wetland sand the beaches and this is the season that the fishermen go out and harvest shrimp, and make some hard earned money. Obama and the second Clinton administration love disasters and because Obama wanted to stop all fishing and drilling off our coasts, could it be, that Obama and BP worked out a deal that they would have the oil well blown up. The Coast Guard allowed it to sink so that if there was an investigation there is no evidence left to check if it was a deliberate terrorist act to destroy the oil rig and stop the fishing in the gulf for Americans, and open the door for Russian and Chinese factory ships to come into our waters and fish them dry denying America Fishermen their right to make a living and denying the American people who make their living fishing work, and people fishing for pleasure, and we the people denied cost efficient sea food on our plates. This way Obama could make a great market for the Russians and Chinese to freely rape our coasts and charge the American people the highest prices that they could. Isn’t this part of the Obama agenda to collapse another industry so the Government could take it over, more Government control more Socialism more people out of work, more of Cloward/Piven doctrine how to collapse the Country bring it to its knees and instill the Socialist thinking.

 Then there is George Soros who controls most of Congress and the Presidency, to stop all drilling off our Coasts, didn’t Obama give Brazil two billion dollars to start their deep, deep water drilling. George Soros would make billions and he would be happy to share that money with Obama and the Progressive Democrats and Republicans who work for him.  Aren’t there 80,000 jobs lost because of this oil spill, and again Obama wanted to stop all drilling off our coasts, so all the oil rigs would be moved to Brazil for the benefit of George Soros who is also working for the destruction of the United States.

Also isn’t it strange that Obama never really talked to Governor Jendo of Louisiana, but always had other unknown people around him. Also didn’t the Coast Guard pull in all the ships that were picking up the oil spills and stop them to check to see if they had enough life jackets, these orders don’t just come from the Admiral they come from the President. Didn’t Obama stop a ship that could pick up millions of gallons of oil in one day, didn’t the people who run conservation stop all ships from scooping up the oil because they could only pick up 99% and not a hundred percent. There is more to this oil spill than just the people in the Gulf States won’t get their shrimp and other sea food. Look beyond Gulf Coast people not getting their sea food,  in my opinion this oils spill was a deliberate act, to stop more people from making a living for them selves and getting more people dependent on Big Government.