EPA Circumventing the Constitution

The EPA circumventing the Constitution again…

I see again the EPA is circumventing the Constitution, the law of the land, again, because some nut job wants to REGULATE the power companies to put some environmental garbage about gasses being admitted into the air. Is Lisa Jackson just doing what Obama said a while ago with a straight face on National Television, ” Under my proposals the price of energy  will triple the cost.”  Well, people here it is, Lisa Jackson the first female Black person to run the EPA, I didn’t say that, Obama said that when he appointed her. What is her background, who qualifies her to make a law that is called “Regulate”. Three things, the Supreme Court, and Congress giving up their power to all the Bureaucracies in Washington they can by-pass the Congress and the Senate because the Congress and the Senate gave this power to any President to put into power any person he wants, they could be Communist, Socialist, crazy or anything else, and even the Supreme Court, with out questioning them about who they are what is their quilkification is and so on and so on. Now is Lisa Jackson just carrying out Obama’s orders or does she believe all the “B.S”  about Climate Change. There is no such thing as Green  gases or Climate change it is a natural occurrence of nature, and if man thin ks he can stop Climate Change man is a nutty as a fruit cake. Well maybe not, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the Progressive Communist Democrats and Republicans can by raise taxes and raising the cost of living. Tax the people for everything!!! a huge volcano erupted in Chile and through ashes  miles into the air, there are three feet of ashes on the ground how can a human beings stop nature, by taxing and putting in make believe by forcing power companies to put in make believe gadgets that will stop emission into the atmosphere?

Remember Obama is sworn to destroy the United States of America, any way he can and any other way  he can by attacking  anything that makes our lives better and it doesn’t brake our backs financially as long as it brakes the American people. Obama hates America and every thing that we stand for, he is not alone, take a look at all the Progressives Communist Democrats and Republicans, then take a look at all the people he has appointed, and all his Communist thinking Czars he has working for him. And then look at all the mousie Republicans who won’t open their mouths and say the EPA can’t do this!! Where are they? Like the old time Republicans like Speaker of the House, they play, “let’s make a Deal,” to screw every American citizen out of all their money and we’ll make them slaves to Obama’s Communist Muslim Government. People we better wake up now and call for Obama to resign, now he is killing the United States of America and every where else in the World. Look what he has caused in the Middle-East, all the Muslims are ready to kill all the Jews and Obama will never lift a finger to help them. One thing Obama has done is he has shown us how really rotten the Democrats and some Republicans are. These are the people we voted for to protect our freedom and they have are still selling us out. Obama should Resign, he has also showed he is a Jew hater along with all the rest of his Cabinet and fellow Democratic Communist and Republicans.

Never give up your right to own a gun and the bullets that go with it. The 2nd Amendment was not written to protect US from our friends and neighbors but from the Federal Government who is t to destroy us any way they can, we have the right of self preservation to destroy them first. Be ready it will happen soon.