2nd Amendment

I am sick and tired of the News-Media wanting to take away our right to own a gun, also None Governmental Organizations, along with Obama, Hillery Clinton working behind our backs with the UN to take away our guns, because she and all the others think that we the people should be disarmed, but not the Gang Bangers, or psychopaths, or the Muslims who have set up training camps in the United States of America. I understand that in New York State only they have five training camps teaching urban warfare and more likely than not also teaching them how to be real terrorists to attack who? Who do you think, us we the Christians and Jews, and I also think that Obama, because he said in his book “I am for the Muslims,” Obama is more than likely using the United States Army and the CIA to train these would be murders against the American people as soon as he can take away our weapons so we cannot defend our families from Obama’s Green Army. Well this is why the second Amendment was written not to protect our selves from each other but from the Federal Government. Instead of blaming the gun for any killings in the United States of America how about blaming the people who us them. Why doesn’t the Government go after the Gang Bangers, the physco like the guy in Arizona, the police knew this guy was a nut and was stalking the Congresswomen, why didn’t they stop him? The Police Chief tried to hide the fact he was nuts because he knew the guys mother. People are the cause of killing innocent people and anyone else who gets in their way. Ban these people from Society, not the gun. The gun has no brain, it doesn’t move, it can’t think, it can’t speak, until some wacko pulls the trigger and  kills some one. 300,000,000 people in the United States that do not commit a crime have to be punished because one person  is killed with a  gun in the United States who happens to be a Congresswomen?

Punish the killers! The Government, State, Local, and Federal can’t do that they are voters, and with out these votes they might not get reelected again. Which more than likly is a good idea, they do not work for the United States of America nor do they work for the people as a whole. They work for the enemy of the United States of America and themselves for money and power. The Government works for  Communist, Russia and China and our biggest enemy the UN and we should include the Muslim Brotherhood who are now taking over the Middle-East . The laws are too easy on the criminals they have it better in jail than most honest people who work for a living. Bring back the “Death Penalty.”

Remember people the Obama Government and the Progressive Communists Democrats and Republicans are working against our Country and our Freedom and with Samantha Power, who wrote a book that said the United States Army should go into Israel and kill the Jews and make a State for the Palestinians, Obama appointed her as top adviser how to handle the Middle-East, along with Hillary Clinton, Obama has committed to destroy Israel.

The only thing that keeps us free is the Second Amendment. Keep your gun no matter what and buy the Ammo to go with it. Be ready to take back the United States of America and our Freedom. The Presidents and Cabinets and the Congressmen and Senators in all Governments where the Democrats and Rhino Republicans are in control want to kill the 2nd Amendment and kill about 25 million people a month. Don’t believe it look up what Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground wrote and they are now in power, thanks to Obama.