It is Treason

Have you ever wondered why the News Media rarely if ever stick’s up for the United States of America let alone the people? I’ll tell you why, because they are locked into the Counsel on Foreign Relations run by none other
than the Rockefellers’ David, who also started the Trilateral Commission and the Builderburgs. All these organizations are against the freedom of the United States they all want is the “New World Order” Jimmy Carter was the first President to have all the Trilaterals’ in his Cabinet, Carter thought
that he would become the leader of the World, New World Order, Carter still thinks he is a citizen leader of the World. America is only where he lives. If all our Presidents and all the Progressive Communist  Democrats and Republicans who are against the Freedom of the United States along with all the Foundations like the Rockefeller’s, Carnegie, Ford, who let people like Obama and Bill Ayers run their foundations, 90% of that foundation money goes to the people who want to destroy America. And you can always see Carter dealing with the enemy on TV, who ever they might be, right now the Muslims.

Why don’t they go live in those Countries that already have Socialism and Communism working 24/7 and leave the United States of America? The mainreason is that there is no big money waiting for them in a Socialist/Communist  Country and beside that as soon as these people who hate America make a move they will be killed immediately. Here in the United States of America they can do and say anything they want, no will stop them. They can openly commit Treason, the Department of Education can put books into our schools to brain wash the children starting in Kindergarten through College, where when the 18 year olds are cut loose in College, they do drugs, sex and rock& roll, and rush out to defend any Communist March against America because they are so immature and have been taken care of their lives know nothing of real life, and are coached by their Professors of Hate, whom the students believe they are being told the truth, with out asking any
questions as to where they have come to these conclusions. What Socialist/Communist books do they read?  They charge out into the streets with hate signs and down with America, support then Communist Unions and fight for this or that not knowing what they are doing and why, like robots they do as they are told to make it look real on TV.  This Education is all fine with the people who run Government Education. Where is the Congress and Senators to stop this? They are no where, they are only interested in taking bribes and getting rich.

I just read a very good book called “None Dare call it Treason” by John A. Stormer, in this
book he tells how every President from Roosevelt on, how they gave millions to
Communist Russia, how Roosevelt helped the Chinese Communist take over China,
how each President and the Congressmen and Senators gave millions of dollars to
Communist Countries, how each of them helped the Russians overthrow free
Countries, with our tax dollars and our weapons to put these Countries into
slavery through out the World, from East Europe to the Orient, the United
States of America supplied them with money knowledge, and material. How
Eisenhower helped Khrushchev take over Eastern European Countries and how we
gave money and arms to Communists taking over African nations after the UN set
them free from European rule. Even Kennedy was not exempt from helping Russia
try to take over the World, nor again were our Congressmen and Senators..
In all that I have read through out the book the  big connection between freedom and slavery in the world was the “State Department who had almost all the people were
Communist or agents of Russia, 90% of the Countries who we  helped  and who we shouldn’t help, were filled with people who all worked in the State Department. If you don’t believe me read the book and go further they were Communists. And look up the real history of the World.

The point is all these people came from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council on Foreign Relations belongs David  Rockefeller, the highest East Cost Elitist there is. Also the Elitists College that teach Treason to our children, Harvard is number one, Obama was educated there, Princeton, Columbia, New York University, University of Pennsylvania,
you might as well say now in 2011 that all Colleges in the USA teach Treason to their students.

We gave to Russia the secrets of the Atom Bomb. Ever wonder why that every time we came up with a design for an airplane that was better than any other Country in the World had, Russia came up with one just like it, the Presidents and their Cabinet and our
Congressmen and Senators gave Russia the secrets so they would be the same as
us, “Democrats leveling the playing field,”,so that they would have a better chance to kill us. The Presidents have always helped the enemy. We have made China the power it is today, because of our Presidents Clinton and Al Gore in the lead gave away, Nuclear secrets, and also the computer chips for electronic guidance systems that will keep all the
weapons working against the USA in case of a war between China and America. Clinton gave China the #1 trading Country to the USA. Remember when the  Chinese called Clinton “their man in the White House” Clinton and Al Gore got $500,000.00 or
more, up front and more is more likely being poured in every month as
Clinton/Gore payment. What China did was turn around and give all these secrets and plans for ships, guns and airplanes to Russia and Iran and all the enemies of the United States, including North Korea so that they will have a better chance to destroy us.
The United States of America is being weakened in man power by our Presidents and Government by attrition of Wars being fought because the Federal Government has a “No Win Policy”, not to win any War,  not to keep the United States free from the enemy but to make all the third World countries stronger. The enemy is here in the United States taking away our Freedom right now it is our President, Obama his Cabinet and our Deomcrats and Republiucans . Our troops are not fighting for the Freedom of the United States,
they are being used as whores by our Presidents to fight for Foreign Powers to take over the World. Why do we have to put hundreds of thousands of our children into harms way to fight for Saudi Arabia to keep control of the oil in the Middle-East, when other Countries put a couple thousand of their Soldiers in the field, why do we have to put a thousand time more of our children to die for nothing, and someone in the UN to keep control of the Poppy Fields in Afghanistan, and now with the leadership of Obama, Power, and Clinton put out children on the ground in Libya to fight along side of Al Qaeda and the Taliban the same enemy who are killing our troops in other parts of the Middle-East, all to destroy Israel in the end.

By attrition the Government has killed off 90% of the white youth, too now including WWII. Only ten % of all other Races in the United States have died in the Armed Forces during all the Wars. Look it up and get these same facts. Proof that the Government is out to destroy the United States of America, because then and only then can the “New World Order” take over. Remember the first time we heard that was on Notional TV when Bush Senior said that the New World Order was coming, and that is from the Trilateral Commission and the Buildeburgs all run by the richest people in the world, started by David Rockefeller.

Does any one realize why in a few short years the White people will be the minority, do you think that the White people will get the same autonomy as the Blacks and Mexicans, Chinese and all the rest of the races do. Do you realize as the United States Government has waged War weather declared or not for a hundred years, more White males died than any other race for that matter the united States put a hundred to one more Soldiers in the field than any other Country that are supposed to be our Allies.   For every white Serviceman who died, they would have been married and raised a family and put at lest two children on earth to take their place, but our Government and the super-super rich do not want the White Population to survive in order to enslave the World, “The New World
Order” It is because the other Races are easily controlled. Do you think for one moment that the Nancy Pelosi’s the Obama’s, the Clintons and everyone who thought up the idea how to destroy the United States and its Freedom will be allowed to live? No they will be the first to die because they know how to destroy a Country and its people who refuse to become slaves.

Sit back and think about it, it falls in with The Earth First People led by Prince Charles of England, why do you think that the Propaganda in the sixties was one child per family, only the Caucasians did it, no other persuasion did it, the Muslims are the best they all have four wives and they are producing children 8:1 over every one, and we the stupid trusting tax payers pay for every one of the other three wives children that the Muslims
have at $1500.00 a child.

There will be a Rebellion one of these days buy your self a weapon and the ammo that goes with it, trust no one but your self, never trust the Governments that run this Country they will destroy us. Never give up your gun under pain of death that is the only thing that will keep you and your family free and alive.  What the people who hate America and are trying to kill are committing Treason. Start with Obama and work your way down. That is why their is a coming Rebellion if the people do not take back the Government and go back to “The Home of the Free and The Brave” not the wimps and cowards the Government is trying to turn us into for Money and Power for themselves.