Obama on Abortions and Euthanasia

Dear Congressmen Posey,

Thank for sending me your letter about my concerns about
Obama’s Marxist Government. I am sending you an article I wrote and had published on Helium and also on Town Hall. The cause of the America going down to a Marxist third world Country is the direct fault of the Federal Government interfering in the private sector. Also I don’t like Obama’s Marxist Government because it is going to make decisions for me as to what I can think, what I can and cannot
say, what kind of a car I can drive, and I am a terrorist if I say no to anything that the Marxist Democrats and Republicans say that I have to do because our new God,  a President says that is the way it is going to be weather I like it or not. I was born a Free American Citizen and I served in the USMC during the Korean War and I am going to remain a Free American.  I resent any kind of take over of my life by the Obama Communist Government. His health Care
will kill all the Seniors Citizens in the United States. Obama is already murdering over 50,000 babies a year. Obama is a cold blooded racist killer of mankind. Obama is not for America or the American people. As a free American, this is the way I feel and think of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, H. Reid and all the rest of Obama’s Marxist Democrats and Republicans. No Government is going to tell me or any other American who is going to live and who is going to die because he and the Congress and Senate say so.

Obama on abortions and euthanasia

Why is Barrack Hussein Obama so interested in abortions and euthanasia? Why is Obama so interested in killing as many people as he can legally and by law? Why is Obama so interested in helping other Countries pay for their abortions, using American tax dollars to help them? What is the matter with the Congress and Senate and the Supreme Court  allowing the United States not only to murder our unborn babies, under the pretence of doing what the mother wishes, and now with the Obama Health Care program he and the Marxist Congress and Senate are going for euthanasia to kill more Americans. And they are jamming all this down
the throats of the American People who ¾ of the population do not want a new health care program the Obama Marxist want for us.

Obama’s health care program with the help of all the
Hispanic Congressmen and Senators want this to pass, not for all Americans that it will not help, but for all the illegal Hispanics in the United States and another group of people who did not earn this Medicare by working all their
natural lives in the Social Security system are going to get a free ride on the backs of all hard working American Citizens with our Social Security money and the help of Obama’s Marxist Government. That is one of the main reasons that
Social Security is broke, because of the Marxist Government programs.

Obama and the Hispanic Caucus proves along with all the Congressmen and Senators and those who lead them that they are not for White America or Black America they are for every other Country and their Citizens, but not for America. Obama and his Marxist Statesmen taking orders for the Institute on Policy Studies also with the help of the Marxist Progressive Congressional Caucus, and Lobbyists money form foreign counties filling their pockets. These people know that this will destroy the USA, they do not care.
Obama’s Health Care plan will also kill millions of
American’s who have life threatening health problems, like cancer, heart problems, if you are young and you have cancer you are going to die by Obama’s decree of the law, if you are a senior it is guaranteed you are not going to
get Health Care you had before, you are going to be sent home to die. All you have to do is read this killer health care plan. That is also why Obama wants euthanasia; he is counting on that when you are told to go home and die you
will choose euthanasia as your cure. The Obama Government can save tons of money to give it away to the poor ( there are no poor in the United States, if they are poor
they choose to be), so he says, if they are not included in the health care plan, or the illegal Hispanics. All for the legal murder of the American people will be fine, according to Obama’s Marxist Democrats and Republicans, because
the Obama killer health care plan does not affect our Government officials at all, they don’t have the same health care plan that the Marxist Democrats and Republicans have chosen for the rest of us. There are a lot of people outside
the Government that want this and I’ll bet the guy behind most of the thinking
is Lobbyist ex-senator Tom Daschle, always working for health insurance companies and drug combines wrote most of Obama’s Health Care Plan, and has always worked against all the Citizens of the United States.

Look at some parts of Obama’s Health Care Plan and you will find that he wants to invest billions of dollars in putting up parks and more basket ball courts where people can go in the evening and mingle. The Gangs will take these places over to recruit more children, under the pain of death
and force them to join the Gangs. More stupid thinking on our Congressmen and Senators part, but Obama doesn’t want to invest money into the Health Care that will take care of the American public.

Obama has said he is a great believer in science to find
cures for what will save the people lives. That is a bold face lie, if he believed that he would not want to kill everyone who has a cancer or any other life threatening disease. Obama is not interested in saving lives; American
lives are his least concern, he is wants zero population and take every life he can. Obama is not a President he is a new Communist god. Obama is a monster, and killer who has no conscience, life to Obama is cheap as long as it is not
his life.

How about this thought, the Muslims are have babies 8:1 over every one in the world, even China because with Obama giving China our tax dollars China aborts at least thirteen million or more babies a year, plus all the adults that are forced  to die or are murdered before their time. It is said that in ten years all of Europe will be Muslim. Now the Muslims are not aborting their babies, everyone else is. Could it be that Obama is really a closet Muslim and is working for the Muslim take over of the World by helping to kill off as many Christens and Jews as he can with this phony Health Care Plan? With the twisted mind that Obama and his Marxist Government have.  I can believe he and they are capable of anything to destroy the UnitedStates of America and all the people. Except Obama’s new slaves the illegal Mexicans who will do all the work.

One way to stop all this Government, it has to much of our
money to give away and pay themselves big salaries with all expenses and stick it to the people. Don’t pay your taxes, the Congressmen and Senators don’t pay their taxes and they get a free ride until they are caught and them they still
don’t pay even if the Marxist news media say they paid.

Don’t pay your taxes and the Government will have to stop
giving the United States of America away!!!