Congressmen and Senators, Bipartisan

Congressmen and Senators getting together…………

While watching Neil Covuto tonight, 1/25/11, he had a Democrat Senator Mark Udall on his show and he and the Democrats are very happy that the Republicans are sitting together to show their solidarity against the people and this guy said it, “The American People want us to work together, Bipartisan” No the guy was wrong and Covuto didn’t stop him and remind that the people do not want nor did the three Republicans who were on the show at the same time, say the people don’t want the Republicans to work together with the Democrats, we the people want the Republicans to work against Obama and the Progressive Democrats and Republicans who want to destroy the United States of America.

What they are doing tonight at the “State of the Union” with the destroyer of our Country and our Freedom, their leader Obama not ours, who cares nothing for the United States or our Freedom, show us that the Democrats are still in control of the Congress and the Senate and that means we the people are going to get screwed royally now that they are working together. Again and again the leader of bipartisan John McCain is at the head of the line on his knees ready to kiss Obama’s ass and do anything that he is told to do. Didn’t he and Dianne Feinstein get a law passed to stop the first amendment so that no one could talk against a politician during an election!!! The Supreme Court stepped and struck the law down. That is bipartisan, screw the people. Does any one realize that the Congress and the Senate also the President and his cabinet look at the people of the United States as their mortal enemy. Nice isn’t it, at election time show no mercy for any of them vote them all out. Destroy the Democratic Party and we will have a new Party, the Tea Party that is for freedom and the United States of America.

When the Democrats and Progressive Republicans (Progressive is code word for Communist)  were in control they didn’t care two cents if the Republicans liked the Obama laws they passed to wreak havoc on the people of the United States, now all of a sudden with the Tea Party’s new Congressmen, they want to be friends for their own agenda destroy the United States, and the people voted for all the Republicans to stop the Democrats and what is the first thing they do…..they lay down with them, no guts to fight them tooth and nail, just lay down for the Democrats and suck ass.