Donate to me and I will save you!

Lately I have been gettingUSmail and e-mail from Congressmen and Senators, Democrat and Republicans asking for donations, also from the Democratic and Republican Parties. In the name of anything why should I or anyone of us give these Senators and Congressmen money to save us from the new Obama/Pelosi/ Reid Communist Democrats or Republicans?  They are all millionaires or like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Murtaugh, Obama, Biden we can’t forget Hillary Clinton or any of them. With the help of Obama and Geitner they just robbed the treasury and cut up the money.

 They get millions of dollars from defense contractors, except Dianne Feinstein’s husband, they give him more contracts for anything under the sun that she can think of plus they ngave him twenty five billion dollars for his Real estate Company to bail out people who can’t pay for their houses. How much of that twenty five billion went ito their pockets?  Pelosi is the same she works for the more riches for her husband all with our tax dollars than she works against  the people of theUnited States. We are forced to pay unjust taxes or the United States Gestapo, the IRS will come and take everything you own and still charge you  , what should we call it… a late fee that will double what you owe to the IRS. Do they care if you can survive after that, no they don’t, all it means is that our trusted Senators and Congressmen can steal more from us. It is their right as Senators and Congressmen for having been voted into office by us. Let’s take a look at Joe Biden, when you see him you think this guy is a wise intelligent man. No he is  not he is no smarter than you or I, what he or any of them do, we the common people can to do the same job, more then likely better than they can. Joe Biden for years has been taking money form one of Americas enemies, and the money goes into the millions, fromIran. Obama just gave him $25,000,000.00 dollars to renovate the train station he used to go to work.  More than likely he had a relative bid on the contract to rebuild this station and they cut up the money between them, they probably did do some renovating that cost a couple million but that’s about all and cut up the reat between them. Now his son wants to run for Congressmen or Senator, keep it in the family, like the Kennedys. They see the millions of dollars that their parents get away with and they are schooled by them how to lie cheat and steal the tax payers money because the tax payers are dummies they will let them get away with anything, and the people are dummies for voting for the Party not the person  and for these same people over and over again so they get more power and more power they can commit treason against the USA and no will stop them, all they have to do is cut up the money. Look at Congressmen Rangel, he gets away with stealing and not paying his taxes because first of all he is sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s pocket and second of all because he is Black and that is his pay back for the way white people treated the Black people. But Rangel and Pelosi have cut a ton of money between them, how can she turn on her partner in legalized crime against the people of theUnited States. None of them pay their taxes until they are caught and then it’s not much even though under the table they may owe $10,000,000.00 in back taxes but that’s OK they are only working for the people. The only reason the Rangel and the other Black Congressmen and Senators get in is because the Black communities know what ever it is that you do as long as you are Black it is OK. These men and women rob from them, they cheat them out of their hard earned dollars, for those that work and they keep voting them in over and over. I have never seen a Black leader in my life help any one but themselves; a good example of this is Jessie Jackson Jr, and the other son thatJackson threatened Bud Wiser with a Black boycott, Bud Wiser caved in and gave his son a Bud Wiser Distributorship in the heart of Chicago for free.


Another good example is Senator Chambliss of the Great State of Georgia has played golf all over the United States for years and some outside the United States and paid over $200,000.00 just to pay golf the money comes from donations by lobbyists and some of it comes from his expense account paid by us, I am sure that he had to take his wife with him, they go first class and live first class and eat first class and I am sure that he invites a friend or two that we pay for. Where is this guy looking out for the American people? We have to save for years just to take our kids to Disney for a week and go into debt,. These Senators and Congressmen have a well of money so deep it has no bottom. I listened to one of his speeches last year and in a treble voice he yelled about going green and doing something about being sure that Ethanol will be the fuel of the feature, you know whose pocket he is sitting in. They are liars’ crooks and thieves, grabbing all the money they can while they can, because when they get knocked out by the voters they get their full salary for the rest of their lives and if they die their family gets the money for rest of their lives. We the people get nothing through our lives, except work hard and die. We don’t even get the SS money that a leagal or illeagal can get. They can gt upwords of two thousand dollars a month. You work all your life, you are a born citizen of the United States, you go to War, your children go to War to used like whores by our Government by the UN and Political Presidents like the Clintons and the Busehs working for our enemy Saudi Arabia to save theior oil and keep them rich while they want to destroy us. We can thank that great President Jimmy Carter for giveing away our SS money to  antone coming into this Country.

 Becoming a Politian is the only business in the World that you can go into poor and come so rich that it is unbelievable, to never have to worry about being poor again or going to jail while you are committing crimes and treason against theUnited States of America’s people.  A brainless person who used to be friend told me he was voting for Obama because he was going to tax the rich, I told him, you and people like us are the rich, he will never tax the rich they only tax the working man, then he said I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton she a tough broad, Hillary Clinton caved into her new lord and master Barrack Hussein Obama, when he told her in his Chicago accent get out in the street in Florida Hillery and work for me, now. And away she went.  So much for being tough.

 So here we are the Greatest Free Country in the World going into a Communist World led by 500 people who control the laws of the land. Three hundred  million America Citizens can’t stop them, because they refuse to listen to us. It is our own fault we have let them lie, cheat, steal, and commit every crime you can think of against us and we did not stop them. One reason they make sure that the Country is run in Chaos, all the problems we have today and yesterday were and have been caused by these Politian’s and then they tell us they will solve the problems they caused every problem we have, Wars that we are not allowed to win, Racism, Banks going under, Foreign Countries coming into this Country and buying up everything in site.Saudi Arabiaowns 8% of theUnited States, Germany owns a ton of farm land that they harvest and take back to Germany. Our standard of living is in the basement. There are certain groups of people that were sacrificed for another race that would make them equal, it didn’t work that group of people have become more savage than any other group in the USA, except the Mexican 13 Gangs because laws were passed to let them loose on society. Obama is building his own Army it’s called the Green Army; they are being trained to take over the streets. It is against the Constitution of theUnited States. Where our great Senators and Congressmen to stop this,where are they, they are nowhere they are part of it. Where is the Supreme Court, Where are the Checks and balances? Never give up your gun for no one not even this Country. We will need them if we are going to survive, because by November 2012 Obama and his Communist Democrats and Republicans, and their Republican leader John McCain will be too late, they can and will cause so much damage to our freedom and our Country that we will have to fight and die for our Country and our Freedom. And these phonies still want us to give them money from our hard earned dollars to help them get reelected to help destroy our Country, our Freedom, commit Treason and any other crime against us.

  God has Blessed America other wise we would have been destroyed a long time ago by our Communist Democrats and Republicans. Now God is asking the people who listen that we should make a stand with Him against Barrack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi, Reid and all the rest of these Traitors against God and our Freedom. We the people who believe in theUnited States of America are going to have fight and die forAmerica if we want to be Free.