What is missing in the Republican Presidental Debates?

None of the candidates are saying what the people want to hear! The people want a strong Leader not a guy like Perry who’s only agenda is to pick on Romney with bull shit like some child in the school yard pointing a finger at another 10 or 9 year old saying,”Nay nay nay, you did this and you did that and I am going to tell the teacher and she going to tell your mother, nay, nay, nay.” Perry is a stupid child, and a bully he thinks that he can knock Romney out of the race by doing exactly what the Liberal News -Media run by Obama and George Soros wants them to do. Perry fell full line and sinker, also Perry went to see the Bilderbergs, which to me is a absolute, “NO,NO”. Because the Builderburg’s were started by David Rockefeller who started the Trilateral Commission who are for like the Bush Family and the rest of the wealthy who belong to these Organizations for the over throw of the United States of America and the “New World Order!” Where did Perry get at least $70,000,000.00 to even get started to run for the President of the United States, who owns him? Or better yet who did Perry sell his Soul too to be the New World Order Leader? Is Perry a would be Traitor, ready to carry on Jimmy Carter and¬†Obama, and the Bush Families lead?

Mitt Romney, stands next to Perry while Perry keeps busing his “stones” with a small smile on his face, but he looks at Perry in complete, “Why are you doing this to me, why don’t you pick on the other Candidates.” Because Perry thinks your the guy he has to beat because he has promised that if he can beat you he will be the Presidential Nominee for 2012. Perry thinks and has been told you are weak, and Romney comes off as a nice weak guy. Romney will not admit that the people in the United States are afraid of him because of Romney Care that resembles Obama Care. The people are afraid of Romney because he is a another guy for “Big Government.” Also McCain and Huckabee got together and knocked him out in 2008 and made the path to the White House clear of all Competition, because McCain gave ot away when he would not talk about Obama and McCain knew that Obama was Progressive Communist like McCain is, I don’t know about Huckabee, but some one owned him. McCain was a looser from the first, until from the shadows he came up with a ton of money to make the Presidential Election look good for Obama. And when McCain said it wont be bad for America if Obama wins, on National TV when he was campaigning. Where did Romney get $70,000,000.00 to run for President, who owns his soul? Neather Perry or Romney have even mentioned upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America.¬† None of them have!