The Gang of six!!!

The Gang of six, bipartisan Senators, are ready to screw the people because the useless Gang of 12 buffoons, bipartisan Senators couldn’t figure out how the screw the people out of their tax dollars. What does the words Gang of Six supposed to mean, that they are part of the Mafia, or may be part of the Chinese Communist Gang of Eight, are they “Henchmen” , if you don’t agree with their bipartisan rulings you will be dealt a death blow from these Tough Guy Senators?

Saxby Chambliss spends $280,000.00 playing golf every year, he is also sitting in the pocket of the Ethanol people. The Gang of Six has thirty days to fix the cuts. When do these guys have time, Saxby is on the golf course most of the time, $280,000.00 is a lot of time to play golf all over this Country and into Europe. He  just got back from Afghanistan, did he play golf there while looking over  ways, Chambliss of and the Gang of  Six can cut more money from our Troops, or did he bring back a couple hundred pounds of contraband, you cannot check their luggage they have immunity they can bring anything into this Country  they want and no one can check. That couple hundred pounds of contraband could be worth a billion dollars or more to the right people to distribute through out the United States of America after it’s been cut about fifty times.

The Gang of Six in the next thirty days, if Chambliss has time after he plays a few rounds of golf  will he have time also he works for and with the Ethanol people. All the Gangs of six and twelve do the same thing nothing!  Every one of their plans are to take ten years to go into affect. Why ten years when it only took all the Bipartisan Senators and Congressmen to drive our debt to over 14 trillion dollars in less then two years. why does it take ten years to straighten out? It takes ten year to fix because by that time no will remember what the hell it was for. Besides it will give them more time to figure out how they can steal more money. How many of these guys pay taxes, they only pay when they get caught and then they don’t have to pay. That is why they call them selves a Gang, they are criminals who, as long as they cooperate by being Bipartisan they our free to commit crimes of any kind.

Why do all these only Senators and Congressmen want to cut Trillions of dollars from the Armed Forces and Senior Health Care and Social Security. Why can’t they Stop giving anyone who comes into this Country Legally or Illegally $2000.00 plus if they are sixty-five or older and they don’t have to work for it, thank you Jimmy Carter, not even a American Citizen who lived and worked here all their natural live can get $2000.00 a month plus free benefits of everything. Stop giving  Legal and illegal Immigrants $1500.00 a month for each child, go to the Muslims who all have four wives one is legal and the other three are not, yet we the people who pay for all these dead beats with our tax dollars they get $1500.00 month per child along with free health care free education and free housing. Why do we have to pay for a X-President to be protected by the Treasury department and their family forever even after they die. Because they know the Sereats of the USA?  These President’s have sold us out to every Foreign Country in the World they are all multi Billionaire ten times over, they can afford to hire their own bodyguards. It is said that they know to many secrets about this Country, bunk they have already told the enemy or who ever would give them money and sold all the secrets. We, not we, but every President we have had made Russia what it is today. When we found some knew secret wepon we gave, or our Presidents sold the secret to Russia. We come up with a great airplane, not a year went by and Russia had the same plane. The United States Government put in charge of the Manhatten Project, the Atom bomb, a Communist agent. Julius Robert Oppenheimer and his wife, the wife was a registered Communist, these two people passed on the secrets of the Atom Bomb to Russia because no sooner the the United States dropped the Atom Bomb on Japan, Russia had the Bomb thaty year. Again and again our Presidents and Congressmen and Senators sold us out to the highest bidder. We are doing the same thing with China, our Bipartisan Congressmen and Senators and President are all Traitors and have all helped to sell us out for their own benefit. The Bush Family sold us out to OPEC, why do you think gas is high, make the United States poor while helping the Muslims take over this Country.

Get rid of Jimmy Carter’s Department of Energy. In the fifty years of their existence they have done nothing to get us off Foreign oil. They cost the tax payers more than 40 billion dollars a year. The answer to get us off dependency of Foreign Oil is easy, drill our own oil and get the new refineries going. But the Presidents will sell what we develop, just like Clinton did in Alaska, we developed the oil and did all the work making a port and transporting the oil through pipe lines to be refined here, but guess what the government did, with the help of Big Bill Clinton sold the oil and the pipe lines and the oil fields to England! Now where are we? Short of gas and paying through the nose for gasoline in this Country. Thank you Big Bill Clinton and his henchman Al Gore.

Get rid of the Department of Education, they don’t teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, they teach Communism, Multiculturalism, Racism, Hate America and never teach American History. Caesar Chavez is a hero now. Caesar Chavez was a Communist Union organizer for the Mexican Fruit pickers. Did he do any good for the workers? No! Now this guy is not an American Hero or Icon. They teach the children to feel guilty about the poor Black people. No one has it as good as the Black Community. Look at Sotomayer, who can’t read or understand what she is reading, she is a Supreme Court Justice, and a Black Racist who will always be for the Black Community no matter what and the Constitution says, doesn’t mean a thing to her. Save more Billions getting rid of  Government run Education.

Get rid of the Food and Drug Administration, more people have a form of Cancer and every other killer disease’s. They OK drugs that are killing more Americans then bullets. Some thing else Obama wants.

Get rid of all the Bureaucracies they do more damage then good. Get rid of Obama Nov. 12, 2012. Don’t forget buy your self a good gun and the ammo to go with it and wait and see Obama’s Green Army try and take over the streets.

The Post Office used to make profit, they stopped doing that when the Bipartisan Senators and Congressmen decided that they should flush the profits down the toilet and operate in the RED 42/7, so they could have more money to steal.