Bull-Shit walks and Money Talks

The other day Matt Damon renounced his god and leader Barrack Hussein Obama to the public. Why? Because the people are boycotting Hollywood movies because they, like Whoopie Goldberg one of the most intelligent actress’s in the world like Hanoi Jane who got three guys killed and told a Graduating college class “Get on your knees and pray to god that you become a Communist” she hasn’t changed she still believes in Communism. Whoopie now believes in Communism. So does Matt Damon and all the liberal movie stars and directors, like big Steven Spielberg. Even though Damon now is supposed to against his friend Obama and he also said in the same speech that he still thinks that Obama is the smartest man in the world and a great intelect. Matt Damon like his friend Dan Afflack who was educated at the Communist oriented Ocsidental College is a super Communist school and also like to play Poker and afford to loose thousands of dollars. We the people have finnelly wised up to Hollywood people. Spieburg a great Jew lover has given millions of dollars to the #1 Jew hater in the world Barrack Hussian Obama, Damon and all the rest of the Socialist Communist Actors and actress gave Obama millions of dollars and went on the road to push this Communist for Presidnet. But now they are loosing money no one is going to the movies and they don’t like it when they don’t make millions of our dollar to see their movies. They still love Obama but they love the money more. So it’s all show to us to come back so they can make more money and give to their god Obama and push Socilaism and Commiunism fo us the people but not for them. I have two words for all the Hollywood Liberals and they are not nice.