Obama the Actor…


I wrote this in 2009 still good today.

Does anyone remember the movie that starred Burt Reynolds and Earl Holliman played a supporting role in that movie that was called Sharky’s Machine, good movie. While watching Barrack Hussein Obama this evening he must be being couched by actors who visit him in the White House, because in every speech that he gives, that he wants the public to believe what he is saying he mimics Earl Holliman’s facial expressions, body movements, imitates his voice to a tee, he even turns his body behind the podium like Holliman did in the movie. Watch the movie and see Obama imitating Earl Holliman.

 With all his actor friends, like George Clooney coming and going into the White House to see their great leader, I am sure that they are coaching Obama in his speeches to help deceive the American people to believe that he is really a moderate and a patriot, using subliminal massaging,  which he is not,  Obama, is a pure Communist. That is the face that Obama and his Hollywood supporters want the people to see, that he is supposed to be one of us that Obama cares, Obama is working for America. Obama is not working for America or is he working for the people or is Obama protecting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that we real Americans hold to be true. Obama is for the destruction of the United States of America.

 It is all a show, Obama is a liar, a conman and a cheat. He has surrounded himself with all Communists, he and his Gang of destroyers of the United State shave gone around the Constitution to destroy any freedom we have left. We watch this Con-man everyday, stalling about sending more troops to Afghanistan, because he wants to show the Taliban that we are weak and have no stomach to fight. Obama wants our soldiers to die, Obama does not want a win of a War that was put upon us by the UN to keep control of the Poppy fields Afghanistan to Control all the dope business that is in the World. Obama will not take our children out of harms way and bring them home he would rather see them die and lose the trumped War in Afghanistan by the UN.  Obama cut the Defense Department’s budget by a few billion dollars that means our troops get less ammunition, less armored vehicles that might save their lives from road side bombings, Obama will not let our soldiers fight the this war against his people, the Muslims the way they were trained to fight, Obama doesn’t want the Muslims to be harmed as much as he wants to see our children get killed and mangled to show the Muslim World that he is one of them and doing everything in his power to help them. He sent the Taliban $20,000,000 to lie down, and stop fighting. Well here is the real point since then the Taliban has increased it’s assaults on our children, they used the money to buy more guns, ammunition and better bombs and more technology to kill our troops.

 All the money that we send to Afghanistan, in cash and guns for them to help us and them selves the leaders turn around and keep the money and build houses that look like mansions and sell the guns and ammunition to the Taliban. ( this from the American Legion Magazine) . The Afghanistans are Muslims they are not and they will never be interested in becoming a Democratic Country. They want to be Muslims, that is their law that is their life, that is their God and like every one else in the world they like and want money.America Will soon be like Afghanistan war will be ruled by Obama-Pelosi’s Communist Democrats and Rhino Republicans, John McCain will be their leader. They will have all the freedom and money they want and the privileges of the ruling class and we will be the starving salves. If Obama really cared for we the people or anyone as he says he does, Obama would not want to kill millions of unborn babies around the World and he would not want to kill millions of unborn babies here in America, Obama-Pelosi death panels would not be in their phony health care plan to kill all the Americans they can, Obama-Pelosi would not want to put US Citizens in jail if they don’t buy health Insurance but the illegal Mexicans get everything free. Who does Obama think he is kidding?

 The people are waiting for the November 2010 election to try are capture our freedom back, which we wont because Obama and his Gang and ACORN will see to it that they steal all the votes and Eric Holder, Black Nationalist and Communist and  Racist, will see to it that they will be able to steal the votes, Holder will protect the Criminals as he protected the  New Black Panthers who stood in front of the polling places and intimidated the voters to vote the right way, the way they do in Chicago, or else. Where is Obama for this Country or the soldiers or the people, Obama is here to destroy the United States of America along with the help of the Tri Lateral Commission, The Bilderburgs, George Soros, The UN, Russia, Europe, China, all the Muslim Countries in the World.  That’s just to name a few. Obama missed his calling he should have been an actor, because he should get the academy award every time he makes a speech or stands besides our dead children and salutes them. Obama only cares for Obama and the plan to destroyAmerica. I hope that all the people that voted for Obama are happy because they are going down with the rest of us.

 Keep your guns and ammo, hide them when Holder and Obama make it illegal to own a gun, and threaten you will go to jail. Be ready to rise up against Obama and his Communist Government, go into guerrilla war fare to get our freedom back and attack and attack those that want to kill us. Obama’s Gangs will own all the Guns to use on us. We need a strong leader to put us together for the Rebellion against Obama- Pelosi Communist Democrats and Republicans who want to destroy us. Think beyond today and this year and the next. Think 100 years from now we have to take back our Country the only free Country in the World and save generations of our children from Democratic and Republican slavery. Obama-Pelosi and the rest of them are thinking for their families and friends a 100 years from now, their families will be the Rulers of the United States of America. You see how these people think now. Read listen with an open mind, they are telling us they are going to destroy America.  We the people cannot let them destroy us, we must stand up and fight them any way we can, they fight us any way they can, we must fight harder, no one is going to save us, we the people, but us!

 Quote: “It is better to live one day as a lion then a hundred years as an Obama-Pelosi Communist salve.”