Is Barry Soetoro Barrack Hussein Obama?


Barry Soetoro went to the Occidental College in California as a foreign student from Indonesia. I am sure that Barry Soetoro had to show them his citizenship papers from Indonesia to get money to pay for his education.  He is Barrack Hussein Obama. Now what name did he use go to Colombia University, Barry Soetoro, or Barrack Hussein Obama? We know he did enter Harvard as an African Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro when his mother married Soetoro and became a citizen of Indonesia. His real father was a Muslim and his adopted father Soetoro is a Muslim. We also know that even though he went to a Catholic school in Indonesia, the school did not force the Catholic Religion on him he was allowed to attend his true religion which is Islam, where his friends said he was an excellent student being able to recite form the Koran passages by memory.

His mother brought him and his sister back to Hawaii and abandoned him with her parents and left with his half sister and went back to Indonesia without him. Can you imagine how this must have broken his heart that his mother just left him there alone? A child has a tough time when the father leaves the family for what ever reason, but when the mother abandons her children it has to be a real heart brake. Because mothers are the ones who give the children most love and affection through out their young lives. What happened to his thinking? From different accounts from his play mates in Indonesia said, was a good natured young boy who could laugh at a joke that was pulled on him and he got along with everyone. It seems he got along with his step father, because he has never written anything about him good or bad. Obama grew up to be a very hard tough thinking person, because his mother abandoned him. His grandparents more than likely loved him and did the best they could for him. But who knows what the grandparents put into his mind as a child to make him grow up cold and seemingly above everyone he came in contact with. In other words he was friends with every one but no ones friend. Barry was given over to his Grandfathers best friend, Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA; Barry’s grandparents leaned very much to the Communist thinking all their lives. Barry’s grandfather thought his grandson need a strong Black male farther, Frank Marshall Davis.

Between Barry’s grandfather and Frank were Barry’s Communist mentors. They brain washed Barry at a very young age to hateAmericaand its government, hate white people, hate Jews for exploiting the Black people and making them slaves, American Imperialism. Could this thinking cause Barry Soetoro, Obama apologize to Europe for the United   States? Could this thinking cause Obama to apologize to the Muslim World for the United States And did he promise the Muslim World that he would convince Israel to give up and turn themselves over to Islam and willingly be slaughtered? If it were not for the United   States of America and her freedom thinking people there would be no World.

Could it be that Obama was a “red diaper” baby who was taught by his Marxists grandparents and Davis to stay mute and not put his hand over his heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of America during his champagne to be the President of theUnited Statesin protest toAmerica?

Now all through his stay with his grandparents inHawaiihe was called Barry, even in his book he refers to himself as Barry, Barry Obama or Barry Soetoro?  More than likely he used Barry Soetoro, because that’s the name Obama use to get into theOccidentalCollegein Los Angles, where he claimed to be an Indonesian. When did he become Barrack Hussein Obama, was it when he went to Harvard that he claimed to an African and showed his citizen ship papers from Kenya West Africa? Why is his past life a mystery, why does he need law firms to protect him from the public finding out what he wrote in college, where and how did he live, where he got money to live on when he was attending Colleges. Who is he? Every American President from George Washington on the public knew everything about the man, there were no hidden records about his past life. When a guy like Obama can come out of the “wood-work” and become the President of theUnited   States of Americaand the people know very little of his past there has to be some thing drastically wrong with him.


Wake up America Obama might not be a citizen of theUnited States of America.