Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!!!

Thu, December 25, 2008 9:45:25 PM

 Still good today

What does if mean? The dictionary says: Freedom: #1 ability to act freely a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. Live in freedom. Religious freedom. #2 “release from captivity or slavery.” #3 a countries rights to self rule to rule itself without interference from or domination by, another country or power. #4 the right to speak freely, the right act without restriction, interference, or fear. #5. Absence of something unpleasant, the state of being unaffected by, or not subject to, something unpleasant or unwanted i.e. freedom from fear. #6 ease of movement, the ability to move easily without being limited by something such as lack of space. #7 the right to occupy a place and treat it as your own. #8 honorary citizenship of a town or city, together with special privileges, formally awarded to somebody as an honor was given the freedom of the city. #9 frankness, openness and friendliness in speech and behavior.  #11 free will philosophy the ability to exercise independently of any external determining force.   The first definition to act and think freely is fast falling away, because of the news-media only printing and saying what they want you to know. They are no longer objective in their reporting the news, or try and tell the truth, the real story. They give you only their liberal views and make it look like this is the way things should be. The liberal Congressman and Senators are the smartest people in the world. Liberalism to them is giving away your money not theirs. Liberalism is controlling every aspect of your life. It is controlling the way you are going to live, the way your children are going to educated, the kind of car you should drive, the taxes you will have to pay along with high priced food and clothing and everything else that you and your family need just to get by. Your standard of living will go down. They have followed the Jimmy Carter doctrine of elite liberalism. Have you noticed how cheap life is becoming in this Country. Children being murdered by their mothers who have no conscience yet they themselves don’t to die when they are convicted of that murder. Gangs, home grown terrorists, are allowed because the liberal government needs their votes to hold the seats. This liberal thinking government just didn’t happen in one day, it took years of brainwashing the people, it took liberal teachers who teach our children to hate everything about this country, look to what the collages teach our children, look what Barack Hussein Obama did with all the collage students to get them to vote for him.  Bill Ayers colleague teachers convinced these inexperienced young people to vote for Socialist/Communist thinker like Obama who they were convinced would save the world and give them a free education.  George W. Bush did his part in bringing about this down fall to the liberal Socialist Government by using our troops as prostitutes and fighting for Saudi Arabia ’s control of the oil in the middle-east. The Democrats promised to stop Bush and bring our troops home. So the people put every liberal socialist thinking democrat into office in 2006, and they did nothing to stop Bush. But the people would not believe that the Democrats didn’t do anything to stop Bush. They believed what the liberal news –media told them. So the people hated the Bush administration so much that they voted for liberal socialist with the Saul Alinsky motto “Change” but let the people imagine there own change not the real freedom killing change that they are headed for. All the promises Obama made about everybody getting a free everything is a lie. There is nothing free in this life as Obama promised you will pay a price and it will be your ability of free choice and freedom to act and think as an intelligent human being. Stupidity is the new Ruler of the United States .George Bush did what he was told to do, “make the people hate you and your administration so the liberal Socialists can take over.”  Who was pulling the strings with George W. Bush?  Let’s see Saudi Arabia, the Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, the Bilderbergs, the Foreign Relations Committee, who are not part of the Government, the Federal Reserve, not part of the Government, the Rand Corp, the U.N. all the organizations and countries that want to destroy this Country and bring in the New World Order. G.W. Bush told us about that in one of his speeches, sounded like Hitler from WWII, which can only happen if the United States of America is destroyed. Who is pulling Barrack Hussein Obama’s strings?  It is not the Citizens of the United States . Dick Cheney commended Obama’s choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Black Water, Dick Cheney’s old company will be sure to get a new Government contract. Why because they, along with the Chinese,  Russia, Saudi Arabia along with other enemies of this country contributed five hundred million dollars to her and her husband’s library. She is not even sworn in and her liberal Socialist up bringing is already taking money from the highest bidders to help Obama and the Socialist White house Staff and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Read with the liberal Congress and Senate to destroy our Freedom.   

There is no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore. They are the same.  There is only liberal socialist politicians where you have no freedom and everything is big government and you do as you are told to do. Or you are conservative politicians where you have freedom and all your rights according to the constitution of the United States of America . And they are protected, not stepped on or changed to suite the politicians so they have all the control over everyone’s life.

Where is the “Change” that Obama promised? It looks like the same old game with a few new tricks to nail the people of this Country into the ground. You will have very little freedom as the word is interpreted in the dictionary.  This is all taking place because 90% of the public are looking for a free ride and their apathy in knowing who they were voting for.  In order to vote for the right people, patriots, you have to become more knowledgeable about who they are and what they stand for before you vote for anyone, because who you vote for has your life and freedom in their hands.  How can we the people allow a small group, that we outnumber thousands to one, let them destroy our way of life.