In Ten Years???

It bothers me when our great brained Presidents, VPs, and their cohorts Senators and Congressmen like Paul Ryan come up with a great idea that in ten years with his plan the Government will save one Trillion dollars! That is wonderful, but in  years it wont matter because ever body and his brother will have forgotten all about Paul Ryan’s great idea.

It took Obama with the cooperation of all the Communist Democrats and Rhino Republicans lead by the great hero Progressive Senator John McCain and his group of Traitors to help Obama piss away 5 trillion dollars overnight. Which a lot of that money went to the Big O. spent on himself, huge dinner parties three times a week no limit to the amount of money he could spend on himself. Million dollar Rock Bands payed for by we the tax payer, millions of dollars worth of entertainment for his guests payed by we the tax payer. Then Big O throws our tax dollars around like it is nothing, while promising more jobs. The Government does not make anything or goods or any thing else but they do make a lot of problems and then tell us they have to fix them. The Big O bought GM with our tax dollars and gave it to the Unions, all the jobs at Gm, they are all handed down to “father to son” just like it used to be in all the trades, carpenter, plumber, printer, hasd to have a father, or an uncle in that trade for you to get to be an apprentice, other wise you were out of luck, until in the 1960’s all these jobs were opened up to the Black community through to the greatest law that put Black Race above the White Race for jobs which they only needed the minimum of training and Education Blacks before Whites it is called Affirmative Action. But getting back to the Big O and throwing our tax dollars around like it was confetti, and wanting we the people to sacrifice our lives for him and his wife, the Queen of the World, who brings an entourage with her where she decides to travel in the World at any time she gets the urge,that makes the Queen of England look poor. Each of them, Michelle and the Big O travel on separate Air Force airplanes that the each take at least one hundred friends along that we pay for out of our tax dollars. They take their own chefs, doctors, teachers stafe maybe 60 people or more to take care of them, also with them they have a separate Air Force plane bringing their food with the cooks to cook it and the servants to serve it. Lobster by the case is nothing for them, champagne caviar mere nothing. Now there are always Air Force fighters flying along with them to protect the King and Queen, along with all these planes they have to have the cargo planes that carry their armored cars and the a hundred Secret service Agents. “Hey,” Michelle says to some one lets go to Paris and have lunch, don’t forget my mother and my daughters and call up this list of friends  and invite them along. She gets the best hotel for her and her guests buys up the whole hotel  and a secondary hotel for the press and secret service agents, and the slaves, and she pisses our out tax dollars right out the window. Then this hypocrite like her husband the King with propaganda that they are so wonderful that they are always thinking for the good of their subjects who have to work like dogs to pay their just to try and live a life and pay their taxes because if they don’t the Government will come along and take away the clothes off our backs with no mercy. The Cost of all these trips for the two of costs we the American payers billions of dollars and I am sure that if you added up all the money the Obama’s have spent on them selves and thier friends have come to over a trillion dollars each. And King Obama and Queen Mechelle tell the America people that we have to sacrifice our lives and lower our standard of living to suite them and the Communist Democrats and Republicans. Nancy Peloci’s Liquor bill to the American Tax payer was over 2 million dollars a year and she flew her family all over the world and the United Sates on our tax dollars and had the same protection that King O and Queen M had. Pelosi must have spent close to a trillion dollars herself.

King Obama and the Communist Democrats and Republicans are deliberately destroying the United States of America through spending money , giving away money to Companies that fail and the Companies the King gets the money to have to kick back directly to him and Geithner is the best money launderer in the World gets his end of the kick back money and banks it where no one can check it. Geithner is tight with China. Then these Companies go broke which is what Obama wants to happen.

The News-Media all lie for King O when they tell us that only 8.4 million people are out of work, when the truth is that there is 11 million people out of work and more to come. Groceries Chain stores are starting to close all over the Country, Sears is shutting down, all our farmland is being sold to Foreign Countries, Germany owns thousands of acres of our farmland, Saudi Arabia owns 8% of the United States, Germany owns Chrysler. We developed all the oil in Alaska, with Standard oil, and Clinton sold it to England. Now they own  our oil, and we have to kiss ass to OPEC who we made these goat herders more then rich and again the Government, Obama and his gang of Traitors will not develop the oils here in America for America, and stop making other Countries more wealthy then us. And they all come up with a ten year plan to save money and our country. I can tell you how to save trillions over night. Flat Tax for ever body. Stop giving protection to ex-Presidents and their families for life and after life to their descendants, they have already sold  our secrets to the enemy and they still work for and with the enemy of they United States, Clinton and Carter are a good example. They don’t need our tax dollars for their protection hey have stole enough money to hire their own Army to protect them forever, Why do they need protection the Government doesn’t not protect we the people, they would rather see us die. Cut all the Bureaucracies in half, get rid of the Department of Energy, and Education. Our children can’t even spell or read. The department of Energy was created by Carter over forty years ago to get us off Foreign oil and we are more dependent on Foreign oil now than we ever were and the Government will not stop it.

The Queen just sent $50,000.00 on underwear, we the tax payer paid because the Obama are tight feasted with their money but not our money. Now this guy wants another term he says he is not finished with us he need four more years to gut the USA’s Constitution And we the people.