Why does the Enemy have the same Weapons and Technology we have?



While going over the internet I saw something that made me wonder… I was looking at some Chinese ships and what do you know they look just like our American ships of war. The Japanese have those same looking ships. The guns that were shown on the ships look like the same guns we have on our ships. Isn’t that strange? I remember when the United States came up with a new weapon the enemy came up with almost the same weapon.  When we came up with a better design for a fighter bomber, the enemy had the same plane. When we shot off a new rocket the enemy shot a rocket that looked just like ours the only difference was the markings on the side of the equipment. Then after investigating this phenomena and reading more, the enemy got the same weapons and guidance systems that we developed because our Presidents and Congressmen and Senators gave it or sold it to the enemy. Communist Democrats and Progressive Republicans leveling the playing field working against the United State of America to weaken our Country so, it will not be hard for the enemy to step in and take over. It is the same thing that our Communist Traitor Obama told Medvedev the other day, “This is my last election and after that I will be free to give you want you want.” Those are not the exact quote but that is what Obama meant. Because he is telling the whole World that he is going to get elected this November and he will never be put out of office for the rest of his natural life and now he can destroy the United States of America and change it in a Communist Satellite. No more freedom nor more Constitution no more Congress or Senate to stand in his way to destroy our Country and kill everything that the United States of America. Once America is gone the whole world will be under Communist control and the new religion will be the Sate religion and Obama as god and the Muslims to back him up.

If these people were working for, say they were in the Navy as there were a few spy rings that gave Russia top secret information about the Navy. They were caught and went to prison, big deal the damage they did was serious and all they got was an easy life in a Federal Prison where they can play golf read books become lawyers have  conjugal relations. The only thing that can’t do is go home at night. These people are called spies. Hanssen was a mole in the FBI for twenty something years, he caused people to loose their lives. When he was finally caught, what happened, he went to jail. These people should be hung as Traitors to the United States of America. But as long as you are with the enemy you will be protected by the Communist Democrats and Republicans.

Now what about these other people, Nixon on his visit to China gave them top secret weapons systems we had at the time. He wasn’t tried as a spy. And naturally China played dumb and let Nixon’s brag; the more his ego was inflated the more secrets he gave them. Carter gave away the Panama Canal and Panama gave it to China, our enemy. That’s Treason. We developed it and Carter sold it.

Geithner who speaks fluent Chinese is in China selling us out again on the behalf of Obama they have just given the Chinese the Hummer to build, guess who make all the ground vehicles for our soldiers, Hummer. Now what top secrets go with the plans for the Hummer?  I wonder how much money China will give Geithner and Obama in residuals and is the Unites States going to ship the factory to China?  You bet we will. Where are the Union Car workers to protest their jobs or are they going to go to China with the Hummer Factory. Could it be that Geithner and Obama sold one of the States to China? Wonder what State he sold to the Chinese. I wonder what secrets Nancy Pelosi sold to the Chinese and for how much money, beating Hillary Clinton to the punch to sell America out to the Chinese like her husband did. This is not treason for Obama and his Gang, its business and for them it is OK to betray America

The Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, appointed by Bill Clinton, sold new American engines to China to put into their cruise missiles. These engines were built for the military. How he got away with it, he reclassified them as civilian engines. The Saudis wanted some American military plans he got 6 billion dollars for the plans and 4 billion dollars as part of the deal, because he told the Saudis they had to have a phone contract. It was Browns firm First International that got the money. That’s ten billion dollars for selling top secrets to the Saudis he and Clinton split the money. Nothing is done for free, in Politics Clinton knew what Brown was doing and the money he was going to get.Clinton works just like organized crime does, the Boss, Clinton gets the biggest cut of the money, and Brown got the rest.  Brown was never called on his deals he was never tried as a spy. These dealings were never put before the people as an outrage by the News Media.  Brown belonged to the Elite Clinton spy network working for the enemy of the United States for money, with a stroke of the pen Brown legalized the Saudis deal. Brown and Clinton made money selling American military hard ware to the Saudis. The #1 trade country, which American companies ran to so their profits would be bigger, and the American worker would be more poor.China called Clinton “Our Man in the White House,” their agent.

Clinton and Gore made billions selling National Secrets to China, the electronic weapons systems the use in there ships.China gave them to Russia and had their fleet built by Russia, who now have the technology we have on our ships. During the Clinton administration Clinton and Gore also sold toChina77 supercomputers capable of 13 billion calculations a second that could scramble and unscramble secrete data for 2 billion dollars . These computers can scramble and unscramble secrete data and design nuclear weapons.China gave this to Russia, North Korea, and Iran. How else do you think that these countries got the technology for these weapons that North Korea and Iran are threatening the United States and Israel with. Not one news paper really jumped on this outrage of weakening the United States Defenses and selling top secrets. Obama sent Iran a top secret drone and had it landed in Iran another weapon they can use against Isreal and our Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Clinton And Gore were aware that these secrets would be passed along to other countries that are not really friendly to America, they use us but they are not our friends. With this technology they sold to China, Clinton and Gore knew that our cities are now targeted with nuclear missiles that can destroy us from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea form South America. They never thought of America and the people first they thought of all the money and wealth and power they would have, to hell with the people we the Eeliest first last and always. Obama, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Marxist Republicans care little for the United States, or for what we used to stand for. They feel they are safe, before the attack comes they will be notified by the attacker and they will go to that Country and be safe. The people of the United States are expendable; they and their families are not.

Why do our enemies have the same or better weapons then we do? Because our Presidents and their cabinet members sell them to the enemy, with the help of our Congressmen and Senators, and the civilian companies who send their lobbyists out to drop millions of dollars into their pockets, not yours, theirs.  The civilian sector sells the enemy our defense secrets to the highest enemy bidder. Nice.

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” — Dolores Ibarruri `La Pasionaria’

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