John McCain, Senator, War Monger, Traitor

John McCain is a War Monger and doing the bidding of his god and Master Barrack Hussein Obama, going on every National Television show that will let him spew out his gibberish about putting our Children in harms way to die for nothing in Syria to help who?

John McCain the War Monger wants the United States of America to bomb Syria military Forces and help the Rebels who will be taken over by the Muslim Brother Hood. In the first place why? Syria did not attack the United states of America! Or any Allie we have. John McCain will not have to risk his life, but our children will why should we use our troop s as whores to fight Rebels who have nothing to us. They have a civil War going that is their own fault. Elections wont help them, they see only see civil War, does that donate they should get our help? No it’s their problem not ours we have a President and Senators like John McCain that passed a law that we American Citizens can be taken from our homes and deemed Terrorists if we belong to Tea party, or if we disagreed with McCain’s leader Obama and some thing against his Progressive Communist god, who told him to shut up and sit down we are not on the campaign for President, and like a good little boy the great hero of Viet Nam sat down and later kissed Obama’s as and asked for forgiveness and the meeting on National TV. Now he is pushing for the same thing Obama did when he went against his friend Muammar who at one time on U-Tube Called Obama his Keyan Brother when he got two million in gold when he went there with Wright and Farrakhan with his Indonesian passport and had Qaddafi killed, and the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over Libya. McCain like his boss wants us to help the Rebels because if they knock over Assad the Muslim Brotherhood will take over and they can attack Israel.

And don’t forget that John McCain being a Progressive Republican is against the 2nd Amendment he does not believe that we Americans should own a gun of any kind he voted against the 2nd Amendment with his girl friend Diann Feinsten, He and she had a law passed that no one could say anything bad about any politician (President). It passed in the Senate Traitor controlled by Democrats and Republicans like John McCain. But the supreme Court struck the law down as unconstitutional.

We should not help anyone, they have a civil war going on in Syria let them kill each other the Muslims have been killing each other for over seven hundred years, tribes fighting tribes. We do not have to step in and help anyone. Hillery Clinton not to long ago prised Assad as the best guy going In the Middle-East putting his Country into a democracy.  the United States is not the policemen of the world. We had better not take sides because the United States always chooses the wrong side to back up. Mind our own business and take care of the things that are wrong in our Country, like one language English, closed borders, stop multiculturalism one Country all Americans white black green or blue Americans, send all illegal immigrants back to their own countries and their families with them. Look out for the American people first last and always.