Sonia Sotomayor and Multiculturalism

                  This was the second article I wrote about Sotomayor


Multiculturalism is the corner stone of true Marxism. I remember when multiculturalism started; it was about 30 years ago. All the employees were forced to sign a paper, if you refused to sign you were going to given time off with out pay and it wasn’t going to be a couple days. It was going to be a couple weeks. No Union officials showed up to say that Company couldn’t give you time off or fire you if you refused to sign.

 The paper we all had to sign pigeon holed every one into Racism.  White: European: Black African: Latino: Porte Rican, Mexican, Cuban, Black or White, American Indian, the only real American, who migrated to the Americas through an ice age from China, and the Asians. No one is an American any more this was and is caused by the Marxist Democrats and Republicans at the time these signings took place. The forced signings were done in every city and very State in the United States, what good was it. It helped divide the Country. Another great division is being able to be a citizen of the United States and a citizen of another Country. In my time, and I have been around for a long time, every one was American, there were no color barriers and the only language was English. If you spoke another language fine, I grew up with a lot of people that spoke Italian, Polish, and German. Every one of them concerted themselves Americans, even the Black kids we all went to school with. No one even thought that they owed an allegiance to another Country.

 In all the schools children were taught American History, every one was taught to be loyal to America and the American dream. In the sixties Left Professors took over the Colleges and started their “Hate America” education to all the young people entering College. They also taught Marxism, help the poor Blacks get ahead. The poor Blacks were created by the Democrats and they still are touted by the Marxist Democrats and Republicans and the Liberal Colleges in America. The only thing the so called poor Blacks are, are only pawns in the game of Marxism.

 Now Obama was brought up in this era, where every one was not an American, so Obama’s heritage is two, but first and foremost he dose not consider himself an American. You can tell this when he went to Europe, and apologized to them for us being Americans, if it wasn’t for our brave children giving up their lives to free Europe from the Nazi’s they’d all be walking around with a collar around their necks and the only people that would be the ruling force would be the Elite Germans, of the super race. Then look at Japan, if they would have won Americans would be bowing and scraping on their knees with iron collars around their necks, and when one the Elite Japanese felt like it or didn’t like the way you looked at him or her your head would be chopped off in a blink of an eye with a Samurai Swords. Also with his meeting with the Latin American Countries when Ortega insulted the United States, Obama just sat there and smiled and listened, he didn’t defend America we Americans. So Obama owes his allegiance to Africa because he calls himself African and he conciders himself a Muslim, because he bowed and kissed the hand of Abdullah the King of Saudi Arabia,  also when he was talking to Israel’s Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he told him he always wanted a Palestinian State. The very next day his pastor Rev Wright and Bill Ayers held a parade in Chicago to push for this Palestinian State, this confirmed Obama’s twenty years of listening too Rev. Wright preaching hate America, hate the White people, and hate the Jews.

 Many of our Congressmen and Senators don’t consider themselves American; they consider themselves Africans and Latino’s and other Nationalities and have their loyalties to these other Countries and not toAmerica. Look how they vote when it comes to speaking only the English Language, they vote no.

 Now for Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice for Life, the Mexican America Legal Defense, Education Fund, National Council of La Razza, call her “The One”.

What does that mean, that every case that will be tried before the Supreme Court because Sotomayor will be there will be in favor of the Latinos and the Blacks, that she will not follow the Constitution of the United States of America in their cases and disregard the Constitution in favor of the Latino’s and the Blacks. Or that she will side with Obama in what ever he says, weather it is Constitutional or not. Is she a Racist when she talks about her self being raised in a Latino Ghetto, or was she raised in a Black Ghetto. I don’t ever remember seeing a Latino Ghetto. The most racist, feminist statement I ever read or paid attention too was her statement; “ I would hope that a wise Latino, not American but Latino, women with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white, is she insinuating that White people don’t understand anything about her culture or the Black culture. Who hasn’t lived life! What does that statement mean? Sotomayor was brought up in and educated in Multiculturalism and that is where her thinking is not as an American but as a Latino. Everyone forgets that if it wasn’t for the White people making special laws for the Blacks and Latino’s they would not be where they are now.