New World Order Run By The UN

The New World Order is coming close. Only the “Super-Rich” like the Bush Family, remember George Bush Senior, the “The New World Order,” he was the first to give away the real secret of destroying the United States of America. The Super Rich, Obama, Diann Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, John McCain, Joe Bidden, the Rockefeller family, The Clinton’s, the Carters, who run the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergs, Oprah, all the Senators and Congressmen who are now billionaire thanks to Obama, the Super Rich Corporations their families all the Progressive Communist who are super rich, George Clooney, and Spielberg, all the dumb Jews, who did the same thing in Germany when they back Hitler, Sean Penn now an out of the closet Communist, 80% of all the Hollywood people crying for the down fall of the United States, where they think that they will still be rich and part of  the leaders of the New World Order, should see what Obama and the Progressive Democrats and Traitor Republicans are. These use full dummies who give Obama money to reelected to bring in Communism and the UN to run the World will be the first people that everything that they own and all the money they have will have to be turned over to the New World Order to support the rest of the World! And like the Cubans, when Castro came for their money and propriety and threw them off their land, said you can’t do that to me I gave you millions of dollars to take over Cuba. Castor stood these people against the wall and Che, the now hero of all the students that were and are being brainwashed by the Professors of hate, was the one in control of all the executions and he murdered everyone he could. Obama will never live to be in charge of anything in the New World Order, he and his family will be one of the first executed, and all of his followers along with all the Professors of hate, and their students. Everyone who helped in the down fall of the USA will be the first to die against the wall, why because they know how to cause the destruction of Freedom and Liberty. We will then move into the Dark Ages again. Obama is just rubbing his greedy little hands together thinking of all the money and property the Hollywood people have that he is going to take away from them…for himself. When the redistribution of wealth comes about, it will be redistribution only to the people that are running the New World Order of UN Communism, not the poor, the poor will be put to death, only if you are useful and a willing worker will you live.

The New World Order run by the Super Rich and Super Elite put out the propaganda that we, who are allowed live to will live in a Utopia, where no one has to work, which is a lie, in the New World Order Utopia, everyone will work at the job the New World Communist Order run by the UN tell you too, if you don’t like the job, they won’t fire you and you can collect Social Security, you will be taken away to one of the prisons that FEMA is now building and you will never be seen or heard from again.  The United States Senate just passed the Law a few weeks ago very quietly the News media didn’t even blast it in the papers or on National TV, but for sure when tough guy Chris Matthews heard about it he got a tingle up his leg, when he read about the new law that will help Obama and the New World Order put American Citizens in jail for any reason the New World Order government thinks anyone did. Let’s say you or I said F—Obama and the horse he came in on, you or I can now be put in a prison anywhere in the World with a charge or a trial. John McCain and Carl Levin got the Senate to pass this bill by a overwhelming majority, reaching across the isle to screw the American people again, not Illegal Mexicans or Aliens sneaking into this Country or the Gang Bangers, or the New Black Panthers, or any group or groups of people breaking the law, only American Citizens as long as they are White! John McCain and Carl Levin and all the Senators who voted against the Freedom of the American Citizen are Traitors to the people of the United States of America. None of them care one way or another about we the people. They only care about the New World Order run by the UN, and they think they will be included, I don’t think so, none of these people belong to the real Elite Super Rich people that run the World, they will just take everything away from everybody, can’t contribute to society, you die, to old to work and need medical attention, you die, have cancer, you die, under ten years old and get sick you die, to many people in the world to suit the Super Rich Elite’s,  millions  will be put to death to save the earth, remember the Earth First people run by Prince Philip of England,  for the good of mankind. The greatest Super Rich Elite is, the King and Queen of England and their family, the rest will come forward to take over when the United States is destroyed. Who is pushing Romney, and Rubio, the Bilderbergs!

Where did this New World Order and One World Government come from? Believe it or not it was a pipe dream of H.G. Wells. His favorite reader and super duper intellectual Woodrow Wilson loved this idea of pie in the sky peace and Utopia.  It will never happen.

There will never be peace in the world no matter who wants to run it. We can’t even get along with our parents , our brothers and sisters and in-laws or neighbors, or even friends, let alone a One World Government. What is to stop a Country from rising up and start killing off all the Countries that have weak Armies or people who cannot defend themselves against any one who want to take their lives. A bunch of asshole Elete’s who think they can talk a snake out of a tree like Obama thinks he can. You want peace in the World? Make sure your Citizens can own any kind of a gun  they want, then you might see some peace in the World.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their ‘constitutional’ right of amending it or their ‘revolutionary’ right to dismember or overthrow it.” Abraham Lincoln, First inaugural address, March 4, 1861. (sometimes incorrectly cited as an April 4th speech)