Americans give up Their Children..

Americans have given up their children to die for NATO, in other words die for nothing. NATO, like the United States from the early sixties when Kennedy and Johnson adopted,   “a no win policy” in any War that the State Department or our Presidents or our Congressmen and Senators passed this law to lead our children into Wars knowing that there will never be a win, and Traitors like John McCain now know  what our policy on War is. In Vietnam with the help of our Government, our President and the State Department along with the Congress and Senate, with the help of the Communist News media went out of their way to cause us to loose the War in Vietnam with all the propaganda that was pumped out by the News-Media against our soldiers who did not want to fight in Vietnam but were forced to go their by the Draft and were spit on by the public who were brain washed by Communist people like Jane Fonda and the Colleges of hate, the same thing in Korea, a UN War that was never won, and thousands of our children were killed for who? For what? The UN…the UN never has won a War. Our children die for the UN, the United States of America was attacked by Saudi Arabians, not Iraqi’s, or Afghanistan’s, they didn’t attack the United States of America, Saudi Arabia did, but we moved in on Iraq, and had won the War smartly, brilliantly lead by General Schwarzkopf, all we had to do was walk out, and let the Iraqi’s take over their Country, putting in a new killer of their own people. But the Presidents and the State Department along with our Congressmen and Senators let Iraq become a killing ground for our Troops. And to level the playing field because the Democrats were in charge and the State Department and our Presidents always  have worked with and for the enemy leveling  the playing field to give the enemy the advantage and kill our children, in fact giving them information on our troop movements in time for them to set up road side bombs that will kill and mangle more of our troops, now women included have the right ot die and loose their arms and legs and other horrors of war, for nothing, run by the UN, All for the Saudis to control of the oil, our children had to die. There is still no end in Iraq. Our children have been in Afghanistan since 2001, again NATO, to this present day 2012 that is eleven years of a no win War that our Government willing put more soldiers in harms way than any other Country in the world, we have 90,000 troops, other Countries have as many troops that we have living in one building in a housing project on the south side of Chicago. Here’s the list:

Data summary

Nato troops in AfghanistanClick heading to sort

ISO code
TROOPS, end July 2009
TROOPS, end 6th June 2011
Percentage increase in number of troops


AL Albania 140 260 46
AM Armenia 0 40 100
AU Australia 1090 1550 30
AT Austria 3 3 0
AZ Azerbaijan 90 94 4
BE Belgium 510 507 -1
BA Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 55 96
BG Bulgaria 470 602 22
CA Canada 2800 2922 4
HR Croatia 295 320 8
CZ Czech Rep 340 519 34
DK Denmark 700 750 7
EE Estonia 150 163 8
FI Finland 110 156 29
FR France 3160 3935 20
GE Georgia 1 937 100
DE Germany 4050 4812 16
GR Greece 145 162 10
HU Hungary 310 383 19
IS Iceland 8 4 -100
IE Ireland 7 7 0
IT Italy 2795 3880 28
JO Jordan 7 0
KR Korea – South 0 426 100
LV Latvia 165 139 -19
LT Lithuania 200 237 16
LU Luxemburg 9 11 18
MK Macedonia 165 0
MY Malaysia 0 31 100
MN Mongolia 0 74 100
ME Montenegro 0 36 100
NL Netherlands 1770 192 -822
NZ New Zealand 160 191 16
NO Norway 485 406 -19
PL Poland 2000 2560 22
PT Portugal 90 133 32
RO Romania 1025 1938 47
SG Singapore 8 21 62
SK Slovakia 230 308 25
SI Slovenia 80 80 0
ES Spain 780 1552 50
SE Sweden 430 500 14
MK Macedonia 163 100
TG Tonga 55 100
TR Turkey 730 1786 59
AE UAE 25 35 29
UA Ukraine 10 22 55
GB United Kingdom 9000 9500 5
US United States 29950 90000 67
TOTAL 64495 132457 51

Who is the Happiest to get their Children killed in a no win War for who in NATO is going to control all the poppy fields in Afghanistan to control the Worlds Dope. I am sure that the Hillary Clinton head of the State Department, who by the way has always had Communist running the Department, is given a guarantee that they will collect money from the sales of the heroin from Afghanistan for ever, and Obama has his hand out for a lot of that cash, which will be laundered through his Library like all the rest of the Communist Traitors that we the people have voted for and made sure they got into office.

I watched that great journalist O’Rielly tell some dummy about why we are in Afghanistan, fighting for the right of the women so they don’t have to wear a Burka.  The women love being Muslim and wearing Burkas, they love being murdered by their families and stoned to death for cheating, but not the guy. When did Afghanistan attack the United States of America. Our President have all sold us out to Foreign Countries for big money, the Bush family for the oil, and old man Bush for the “New World Order”, One World Government, you see what a one world government will bring is constant war an d poverty all over the world and only the Elites will live like Human beings while the rest of us live in shit. Only their children will get educated, only they and their families will get the best health care, the rest of will have to give up our children’s lives and our lives for our Elites, they are Obama’s, Bush’s all the Senators and Congressmen, and the Super rich that travel in the company of the Rockefeller’s.

In Vietnam our Government help kill 58,193, young men who will never see themselves as husbands and fathers, hey that also coincides with “Earth First” kill all the people you can so the Earth won’t get over crowded, and only the Elites will be allowed to live. China is committing genocide right now, all girls at or before birth are murdered, just like Obama want’s America to do, just  for Obama who hates all humanity. And the Congress and Senate passed the abortion law.

We may have to rise up against the Elites who run the Government, as one free nation of men, not slaves to Obama’s or anybody else is Big Government and hang them from the Cherry trees in Washington DC, they want to kill us, the American Citizen, we can’t let them do it. Buy your guns, buy ammunition and be ready to unite like the Minute Men of our past that put down those that wanted to enslave us and take away our freedom.