Being Unarmed You Will Die!!!

Here is proof that our Founding Fathers were right, they knew what they were talking when they put into the Constitution that we the people have the God given right to keep and bear arms. Not to protect us from our neighbors but from the Government that Governs us!!!Every where in history where the people were who were unarmed  were slaughtered by there own Government, people that they trusted turned on on them when they couldn’t defend themselves and killed the people by the millions. That is what is in store for us here in America as soon as the Traitors like Obama and the Clinton’s who are working with the UN to destroy us get their way.

Look to the Middle-East where the Muslims are in power where they rule the unarmed people, they murder every one they feel like. Look at Syria today the Government is murdering it’s own people, they are torturing children by pulling out their fingernails,  every where the Muslims rule they slaughter their own people plus others that are not Muslim, Muslims are heartless , cruel people who live by the Koran, they are a uncivilized, barbaric people who belong to a religion that propagates murder for any reason as long as it is written in the Korean.  There are no moderate Muslims, if you practice the Muslim religion you are a violent person, who is bent on killing, not only their own people but every Jew and Christian on the face of this earth. Who supports these killers of mankind… we do every time our Government buys oil from them. Look to the Middle-East and then look at the Muslims we have in this Country trying to get our laws changed to unjam us so that the Muslims and our own Government run by the Communist Democrats and Republicans led by that great Traitor John McCain who believes that we the people have no right to own a gun and the stupid NRA gave this rat money for his reelection to the Senate, and every other two faced Politician that is a Demo-rat and a Rhino Republican that say they are for the 2nd Am3endment when they are not. Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the Non-Governmental Organizations are pushing for no guns in America, and the New World Order where we are all slaves and they can murder us at their will.

From the beginning of written history every Country that the people were unarmed where slaughtered by any country that knew they could not defend themselves and half the population was murdered by the conquerors. Modern day History, the United States has been fighting a war, for a hundred years. Hitler murdered six or seven millions Jews, men women children didn’t matter he killed them all and the Germans were happy to do it. They even had Mufi Al-Husseini  a Muslim Imam, help them figure out ways to kill the Jews. That is the Muslim religion that our Government and others want as the religion of America. This is the only religion in the world that believes in murder of everyone even their own families. Why do you think that the Muslims want Sharia law in the United States, so they can legally murder not only their own wives and daughters but any one else that is not a Muslim. None of these people belong in the USA they belong where they came from, the Middle-East where they can murder anyone they please. Muslims love killing the Negor’s in Africa, everyone, men women and children, no mercy for anyone. Hey where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, no money there, besides they would be killed in a minute where is Obama, is claims to be a Negro, oh I forgot he is also a Muslim.

Stalin murdered more people then anyone in the history of mankind, he murdered more Russians, and his own people more then Hitler did in WWII, he murdered over thirty million Pols, the people were unarmed, in Germany the Jews were un armed, and a foot note the Jews in Germany, they were the deciding vote that put Hitler in power. Just like the stupid Jews here in America who love Obama and give him their money to get reelected so that when he alone has the power they will be the first ones to die in the new modern day gas chambers that FEMA is building, right now prisons to put away American citizens away with out a trial, John McCain again had this law passed by every Traitor Demo-rat and Republican, it is against the Constitution of the United States of America where are you people, what are you thinking that this can’t happen here, think again, it is happeneing here right now, by the time November gets here it will be to later! Call you State and Federal Representatives and tell them you don’t want your freedom taken away from you!  This is all going on as I as I write this. and O’reilly and Goldberg give the kid a chance, yes give Obama a chance to murder us all as he sees fit.

Look at Chicago no guns, and every City and State where it is run the Demo-rats you have  high crime, look to Arizona now that the greatest racist that the Supreme Court has every seen Sotomayor has voted to help Obama to create a group of illegal Mexicans immunity to not only live in Arizona without the Police can touch now, they also have the Obama’s blessing to commit any crime they want now that the Supreme Court with the help of racist judge Sotomayor cannot be arrested for any crime they commit. But at least the people of Arizona have the right to carry and own a gun, now that the Supreme Court, has given the illegals freedom from the law. Sotomayor is a Latino Progressive liberal (Communist like Obama Traitor to the United States of America and will only vote for color) that will never vote for the people, only for the Blacks and Latinos.