O’Reilly the Spiner Hack

From day one Bill O’Rielly has taken up the sword for Barrack Hussein Obama, “give the Kid a break,”  “he’s a nice guy,” Obama is not a Socialist…” and on and on. O’Reilly will not admit that Obama is a Socialist/Communist, O”Reilly can’t see that Obama is destroying the United States of America, O’Reilly and his pal Barney Goldberg are willing to wait sand see if Obama a is going to destroy the United States, our Freedom our laws, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. Our Christen/Judao Religion and in it’s place Obama will put us under Sharia Law and the Muslims take over. Death to all the Christians and Jews, and don’t forget the sons of Islam hate the blacks and they will also have to die.

The other day O’reilly had Laura Ingram on his show and she told O’Reilly that the only reason he is not against Obama. The Spinier gets invited to all of Obama’s Xmas Parties in the White House. O’Reilly is one of the chosen few. So now if Obama destroys the USA, Bill O’Reilly is safe! He Obama’s pal and he likes him. For get Obama has had Communist Training and is here to destroy us along with the help of every Demo-rat and Rhino Republicans. Where is John Boehner, Speaker of the House to lead any of our loyal Congressmen to fight Obama every way they can and stop Obama every time he bypasses the Congress and the Constitution and our freedom. As a leader Boehner is not going to Stop Obama, like O’Reilly he likes the guy. Making sure if Obama takes over Boehner like O’Reilly will have a place in his Dictatorship.

I will not watch this two faced Spinner again, O’Reilly is in Obama’s Pocket, if you had any sence you would stop watching O’Reilly too. You know what O’Reilly’s spin is, it’s that old Irish trick, to maker himself look like he is smart…you say green he’ll say blue, you say blue he’ll say green. Remember Bill O’Reilly is for Obama and don’t kid yourself he is not. I wouldn’t watch this Liberal Hack if they paid me!  O’Reilly get’s invited to Obama’s Party, he likes thinking that he is one of the “in-crowd”. One nice thing though Obama will throw O’Reilly under the Bus, like everybody else.