Who killed Ambassador Stevens?

Who really had Ambassador Stevens killed? Strange the Muslim Brotherhood knew exactly where he was and they raped and dragged his body through the streets the Muslim savage way. I am surprised they didn’t cook the Ambassador and eat him, or cut out his heart while he was still alive and passed it around. Is Obama and Clinton trying to start WWIII? Knowing Obama and Clinton for what they really are I would say yes.

Could it be that Ambassador Stevens was on Obama’s Tuesday hit list, because Obama didn’t want Stevens to take away the guns and ammo from his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood because that is who Obama is backing to take over the Middle-East and destroy Israel? Hillery Clinton’s Chief of Staff  Huma Abdin is big time Muslim Brotherhood people. Her mother and her brother are operatives for the Muslim Brotherhood. Even though Huma Abedin was born in the United States of America as a true Muslim she does not belong to a Country and has no loyalties to a Country they are only loyal to Islam.

Obama and Clinton knew two days ahead of time what was going to happen yet they sent Stevens out on a secret mission to take away the guns from the Muslim Brotherhood. Who tipped off the Muslim Brotherhood. My guess is Obama and Clinton, to show the Brotherhood they were on their side they would give up Stevens. Obama and Clinton are snakes. Or how do we know that her Chief of Staff Huma Abedin didn’t tell the Muslim Brotherhood.?

If not, why is Obama and Clinton telling the we the people lie after lie about the murder of Stevens by the Muslim Brotherhood. And then Obama has the gall to stand and look at the coffins of all four of the murdered guys he and Clinton could have stopped and didn’t and let it happen. Obama’s Gang is doing everything to spin it off as because of some obsolete movie about Mohamed, this was planned and thought out and Obama and Clinton have weakened all our Embassies in the Middle-East and will not let our Marines protect American people and property the way they were trained no bullets. Put all our troops in harms way to satisfy the Muslim Brotherhood. Like the Egyptian Ambassador Ann W.  Patterson, a flower child from the sixties, let’s make love not War. Lay down your guns and die like rat’s in a rain barrel, made all the Marines unload their real bullets and load rubber bullets. Rubber bullets will only get you killed. Nice flower people Obama and Clinton send out to work with the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama and Obama and Clinton alone gave them the guns, the training and the go ahead and attack all the American Embassies in the Muslim World with the guarantee that they will not have to worry about getting killed because Obama and Clinton disarmed all the Embassies. What great people we have running the Government, and there are still people who want him to be President so he can finish the job of destroying the United States of America!