The USA has to get out of the UN!

The United States of American has been at War for a hundred years and there is no end in sight, until our politicians kill off all of White men and women. In all the wars we have fought 90% of all the military that died were white, 10% were other persuasions and those are the hard facts.  The other hard fact is that when we went to war there was a Demo-rat President and VP, also the Demo-rats were in the Majority, but the Republicans are not innocent ether they helped the Demo-rats get our children killed for nothing. The propaganda and misinformation machine went to work and told us it was about freedom, who’s freedom not ours, other ungrateful countries. The United States Government was always ready to sacrifice our children, by the thousands. Because we and we alone put a 100 to one of our children in harms way. But not the other countries.

In Korea, the first UN war that we were to lose, we lost over 50,000 dead and wounded. Who had the most soldiers in the field, the United States of America, did we win and free Korea, we fought for nothing, we didn’t stop Communism, we split the country in two and to today we have to have troops there to guard their country not ours. We did not stop Communism, more than likely we have helped the North Koreans as much as the South Koreans. 90% of all the troops the died in Korea were White Americans and who put 100 to one soldiers into the killing fields of Korea, the good USA, we have a lot of young men to sacrifice for for the “No Win UN WARS.”  Viet Nam, another UN War, thousands of American White youth, the cream of America were thrown into a UN no win War just kill Americans boys, and they were all boys that died, again 90% were White. Then Came the great Bush Wars. Iraq another UN War and we put thousand of our children into harms way to stop the Muslims attacking Kuwait and Southern Arabia, and what do the Saudis do a 10 years later the kill over three thousand people in New York by crashing airplanes into the twin towers. The Demo-rats and Republicans reach across the aisle and get our children killed for nothing. We destroyed Iraq, Powell stopped the War because of his religious beliefs and Bush senior opened the gates of the United States to our sworn enemy the Muslims. The same people we fought our Presidents and Demo-rats and Republicans and the State Department which has always been run by Communist minded people have always helped the enemy the same people we are and were fighting with arms and training, and now all the troops that have died for Iraq and the UN is a complete wast our our children’s lives because Iraq is being taken over by Iran and all the enemy, Muslims The Muslim Brotherhood, AL-qaeda, Hamas all of them are moving into Iraq now as I write this.  We have had our children in Afghanistan since October 7th 2001 to now 10/11/12 that is eleven years of killing our children for the UN and again we have, the last I read 90,000 troops not counting the mercenaries we have hired that no one talks about. Why are we there, the “Hack, Bill O’Rielly said we are there fighting to stop the Muslim women fro wearing a Burca? Was he kidding, kill our children for what women wear? We have been there for the UN to secure all the poppy fields under their control so they can supply the World with dope and cut up the money with the elites, of the World. Obama is one who will profit from all the dope money the UN will have. But Obama, who is a Muslim has put restrictions on how we fight the Muslims, and that is getting our children killed, because they are not allowed to fight a war the way they were trained to do, another “NO WIN WAR for the UN but it is OK to kill our children. It also serves another purpose for Obama and all the politicians, we spend billions a day to keep the largest Army in the world in the field to sacrifice their lives for the UN and Obama, whose plan is to destroy the United States of America. In a short time the White people will be the minority in this Country because of all the young men and women, and abortions that our Government has put into place. The Muslims are being supported by the Demo-rat Traitor Presidents from Bush Sr. through Bush Jr, to Obama, they all have three wives, the Mormons go to jail for this and the Muslims are rewarded, the Muslims are have children 8 to one over everyone and we the tax payers pay for their children and extra wives at $1500.00 per child, free health care and everything else they get. But White America has to pay the bill. The Federal Government is training the Muslims all over the United States of America in Urban Warfare against we the free people of the United States of America, ad we are supplying them with the best weapons that the Government has. Wake up America it’s almost to late now. The chosen people of America are the Muslim, the Blacks and the Mexicans, the White people are to be put under. It is a reality that all our Presidents and State Department have always worked for and helped the enemy. Look back in our 20th century until now,and there it is. The Bush family bankrolled Hitler before WWII, from the time of the over throw of the Czar of Russia we, our Presidents and State Department and the Congress and the Senate and the Bureaucracies made Russia a World Power and now we have made China a World power to reckoned with soon, and our Government has made the Muslims the power they are today, with a sword in hand to blow up the world with a bigger than a Atomic bomb, and gave them the weapons to defeat us and here iun the USA to kill us, once Obama and Clinton destroy our right to own ant gun of our choice. Our own Government is our enemy, they intend to destroy us, our God given freedom and our lives so that they, the Elitist think they will rule the World. The New World Order. We are going to have to fight for lives and our freedom soon. Buy a gun and all the ammo you can and be ready to fight for your life your families life and our freedom. The Elitist are all the Congressmen and Senators that are millionaires, McCain, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton’s, Bushes, the Jackson’s and Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans that run our Government. We can never trust our Government again, we have to watch who we vote for and we have to tell them what we want, not what they want. We have to have a flat tax for everyone, our money have given these pigs to much power, we have to take away that power, we need free enterprise, not Government control over everything, from weather to toilets, we can no longer again trust anyone we vote into office they have their own agenda and not ours…freedom from Government so we can make as much money as we want the American Dream to have our children do better than what we did. We must stop the Professors of hate that teach our children. The news-media must become the watch dog of our Government and tell us the truth of what is going on, which they don’t do anymore, they are in league with the Government not to tell we the people the truth of what is really going on behind our backs.